OPERATION: 'I wanna Valentine's bubba!!!!!'

Right women!!!
for those of us who haven't managed to get our BFP's in May we need to get the PMA going for next month!
if we conceive in June we'd be due Feb!!!!
I've worked out if Id get a BFP I'd be due a day before my birthday on the 12th, so its a sign!!!! LOL

So to get us started I'll be testing 4th June, if I can control myself!

4th June - Star27

Who's joining me in operation Valentine?????



  • Me me me, if i ever get another period and actually ovulate i'll be there with you.
  • whoohooo!!!! Come & join me SLOW!!!!!
  • Hi Star27 I will be joining you, I have plenty of PMA floating around as this is my first month of ttc my 2nd little one.
    So test date will be:

    6th June (well if I can hold out that long)-gem1

    Good Luck to all
  • OMG I hope I'm not with you in June!!! No offence intended!! I'm due on 21st May and failing that I'll be joining you to POAS 20th June which would leave me due on 24th Feb.

  • count me in ov is this weekend/early next week so AF should be due around 1st june ish - if at all - teehee
  • Me too! AF due 27th May so if we get a BFP (fingers so tightly crossed) it'll be an early Feb baby image x
  • Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very excited ladies!!!!!!!!!xxx
  • WOO HOOO Star - you started the Valentine's thread image

    Well if I work everything out correctly :roll: I am due to OV on or around 19/20 May and hopefully AF will stay away when she is due on 1 June.... which would mean a due date of 11 February 2009.... so not far of a valentine's baby... oh and it's my brithday in June too - so I am hoping I won't be able to have a drink to celebrate - well maybe on lemonade! :lol: image


  • I know I won't be pg this month and af is due next week so I'll likely be testing again on 12th June. If I get BFP then that should make due date around 20th Feb.....I've defo got PMA for next month now!! Let's go girls. We can all do it!!!
  • I'm in!! Think I am ov at the moment so count me in!! Ohh, a valentines baby - that would be exciting!!
  • Count me in too!!!!!

    Af is due about tht 1/2nd jun, so if we caught this month I would be due about the 9ths Feb, but babies in this family are always late! image
    Plus we dont have any birthdays in Feb so it would be nice to have one in a quiet month
  • i would love to join in!!
    if i ever get af count me in!!!
  • i want to join but i'm still waiting for af image( i'd love a valentines baby. My brothers a valentines baby and my 1st lo was concieved on valentines day 2005 so would kinda be a one in one out day!!!
  • I think ill probably be joining you. Af due mon, poas today 12dpo and got a bfn so dont think its happened this mth.xx
  • LOL at Jenna - One in One out Day - I love it !
  • im due for af around 1st june would be nice to have a valentines baby plus feb is the only month there is no birthdays in my family and were a big family
  • Hi everyone, think I'll be joining you on this challenge - don't think we've done it this month image

    If we do it next month, baby will be due in late Feb - 25th ish.

    Good luck to everyone!!! xxxx
  • Yeah!!!!!!!!!! the more the merrier!!!! image xxx
  • Me please!! Im back, got first AF after mmc today so testing 9th June image
  • Woo hoo! Valentine's babba would be nice. I'll be in if I don't get af on 22nd May.
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