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This month I vow...


On month 18 and it's scary how much I must have spent on negative pregnancy tests over the last year and a half! I always do it, but this month I vow not too. It gives you false hope, cos you always think 'maybe I tested too early'.

Let's see how long I last :lol:


  • lol you will have to keep us updated....shall we take a bet how long you might last xxx
  • We will see! Currently about 7DPO and so far resisting the urge. However, it's hard knowing there is a FR left in the cupboard from last month...;\)
  • Good luck! Maybe bury the FR in the garden or something lol I wouldn't be able to resist if it was just sat there in the cupboard!
  • Good plan Amme! Or maybe I should get hubby to put it in his car so I can't get it!!!
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