WAY TMI but advice wanted (sorry)

Right ladies, I am pretty sure i ov'ed yesterday but don't know for sure as don't use OPK or chart, I just go buy how i feel. Anyway DH an i BD'ed this avo and i had a little lie down after but when i got up (WAY TMI) his swimmers swam down my leg litertally. I have never had this before just wondered if anyone had or if you could give me a clue as to why this could have happend.

Thanks image


  • Hiya!
    I can't answer why it happened but I've asked a similar question before on here and I was told not to worry as all the good swimmers would be well on their journey byt then and what has come out is just the 'rubbish' so to speak!! Don't worry hun!! xx
  • i hate to TMI too but i find this happened way too often before we started REALLY TRYING and since then i have kept my legs up for baout 20 minutes after bd and find the snail trail (lol my pals and i refer to it as this .... so immature i know!) to be minimal.
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