Hi girls,

I was wondering what everyone's views are on exercise while TTC? I'm not talking running a marathon or anythng ridiculus like that just a 30 min session on the cross trainer 3/4 times a week down the gym.... We're TTC but also getting married in June so although I'd absolutely love my BFP before then I'm still quite conscious that if we don't get it I would like to look my best in my dress so do I continue down the gym or just try to control it by diet?!?!

Any views girls would be most welcome xxxx


  • gentle to moderate execrise wld be fine, and also if ur body is used to it prior to bfp that means u can keep up some of it whilst preggers...i had started an 'excerise' class called zumba which is high impact latin dance/aerobics but i've switched now to doing aqua aerobics as figure its much safer , particularly as i haven't done any excerise for ages (i'm talking yrs lol) so obviously my body wldn't eb used to it. hth xx
  • sorry g/c saw this on the home page- I would deffo recommend excercising and getting in as good a shape possible now!! I got married in September and got my BFP in October image and I'm so glad I'd got myself fit- firstly because I put on weight on honeymoon (All inclusive has to be done) but luckily because of my fitness/healthy eating before hand I had weight to gain. secondly because when you fet your BFP you may be too tired to excercise to begin with (I was shattered til about 13 weeks) and thirdly because staying fit active and taking regular excercise during pregnancy can help speed up labour and make your body more prepared in terms of strength and endurance- its best to reach a sustainable fitness level pre BFP as once your pregnant its not advised to take on any real additional excercise so anything you do should be what your body is used to! I'm using my excercise bike and treadmill several times a week still (only low impact but working on endurance) and getting out for walks whenever I can! hth

  • Exercise can only be a good thing I reckon. If you're already in a regieme you can continue it for the most part when pregnant and it can help you prepare for childbirth but you aren't recommended to take up anything new so it;s best to be already doing something.
    Good luck x
  • Thanks girls. I've been going to the gym on and off for a year now but haven't been in a couple of weeks but it seems general consensus is it's OK to continue what I was doing before?!?! xxxx
  • Hello! I'm not a medical professional or a mummy but my view is that the fitter you are the better. A) according to my friends who are doctors the more healthy you are the better your pregnancy and birth are likely to be (obviously this isn't the only factor but it helps) and B) the quicker (and potentially more effectively) you can get back to your old shape (again obviously there are other factors at play.
    I am less worried about snapping back into shape (though I will admit to some vanity) though I would like to return to some semblance of my former self.
    I run several times and week and hope to keep that up for as long as possible, I also do pilates and yoga which I guess I can keep going on right up until the end.
    I am sure I have read somewhere that gentle exercise is reccommended all the way through pregnancy unless your doctor tells you not to.
    Several of my friends who are fitness freaks ran/did aerobics/cycled etc until about 6-7 months but they were already pretty active and their doctors said it would be a shock for the their body to stop. I am pretty sure they aren't the norm, however I would have thought you'd be fine to do whatever you want when you're TTC.

    Sorry this is a massive ramble!!!
  • hi i am trying to lose weight but no good at the eating thing as i love my food if i go on a diet my body will think i have disowned it lol well i don't like exercise but thought i would try it well in 8 days i had lost 4lb without changing a thing well except i stopped drinking fizzy pop and i did 30 mins of exercise it killed me but i kind of feel better i know it has only been one day

    i have a question can you lose 3lb in one day just exercising if not my scales are wrong if so i am so glad that means in 8 days i have lost 7lb


  • Hello,

    You can lose 3lbs in a day but it might well be water! Not to rain on your parade, but just be aware that the loss may be temporary. 4lbs in a week is v good though!!
  • yeah i did like it hope its not water lol just eaten so if i weighed my self then i would of put weight on lol

    hoping to keep up with my 30+ mins a day to try and lose just 3 stone well less than that now


  • Thanks again girls, I think I've decided to continue as I was down the gym, keeping fit must be a good thing!

    Pozzee Pod are you TTC? xxx
  • I am, not really counting cycles etc - just seeing how it goes for a few months. IYSWIM - it's a bit unclear at the mo...
    Going for a run with my colleague in a bit - we have a great 8km route around London which we try to do a couple of times a week.
  • I am, not really counting cycles etc - just seeing how it goes for a few months. IYSWIM - it's a bit unclear at the mo...
    Going for a run with my colleague in a bit - we have a great 8km route around London which we try to do a couple of times a week.
  • Oh you are good PP. I'm just going to try to get myself back into the habit after having a week off. Nearly 3 months left till my wedding so if I'm not pg then I want to look my best!

    We were just "seeing how it goes" too but I've been sucked in already. So far I've refrained from POAS though but think I will try that next month. I have been visiting an acupuncturist though and she has helped me relax about it a lot xx
  • I have good and bad weeks. Sometimes I am really dedicated and then there are weeks when I do nothing - usually when work is busy. I do feel soooooo much better when I exercise though, best anti-depressant ever. Also I hope it gives me that extra stamina when the time comes to push that person out!!
    My colleague and I didn't make our run today but I am currently on the bus on my way to the gym...
    Have an awesome wedding - I hope you have a matching bean!
  • I asked the same thing when I first joined BE - I try to get the gym and classes 4 times a week and I would be scared to give it up as I think I would balloon and that would not be a healthy way to start a pregnancy!! Pozzee_pod, I agree, exercise is THE best pick up you can get, such a feel good factor.

    I sometimes have a worry though that after oving if anything was going to happen the exercise might 'shake it loose' I know that's mad but it has crossed my mind the past couple of months.
  • That's exactly what I was worried about Sunshine! During the 2WW are we shaing anything lose, so to speak?!?!
    Thanks PP xx
  • Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that BeckyWoo, maybe someone will be able to put our minds at rest. One of my worries would be stopping going during 2ww would elicit lots of questions from my gym buddies as I go with friends - how would I explain my sudden bout of laziness once a month?? lol x But, most importantly, am I doing any harm???
  • I'd love to know Sun_shine. My acupuncturist said to carry on as normal. If we gave up during the 2WW it'd really mean the rest of the month was a waste as we'd be sitting on our bums for 2 weeks so I think we either need to go the full hog and just continue or give it up! Eek! I just can't give it up totally or I won't fit into my dress so I think I'll have to give it a try. Maybe just stick to the cross trainer during the 2WW as it's not so "jolty". I'd also thought of taking up swimming during the 2WW as that's not so vigorous either is it?!?! xx
  • hey girlies - do you mind if i gatecrash!
    Hubby and i have been TTC for six months now.
    during this time, i agreed to run a half marathon - naievely thinking i would fall pg and could get out of it - ha ha no luck!
    Anyway - i have been training, but not a lot, one or two runs in the week for about an hour and a long run on a weekend - only 7 miles.
    I have been having haywire AF and had a chem preg (AF 28, 29 days, then 34, 21 and 34!) So had bloods by the doc.... anyway she said, if i was seriously wanting a baby i should think seriously about this half marathon, because while i am training it is very unlikely i will get caught.
    SO... i am not saying exercise is bad, but it does need to be moderated....
    i too love exercising and find it V stress relieving (ha which they say you should also avoid).
    Also on another note - i have been reading the baby making bible - she recommends not to swim during the week of AF, but suggests it can be a good exercise for some in the other three weeks!
    hope that doesnt sound too bossy - but ijust wanted to share with you what my doc had said to me.

  • Good tips Disneyprincess. Kudos to you for trying a half marathon. I'm too scared. 10k - fine, half marathon - I have wussed out.
    You don't sound bossy at all, I think it's important to share info, then everyone can make up their own minds. You have deffo made me think about the amount of CV I do, I might double check that with my doc at some point. It has never occured to me I could do too much.
    Good luck with your half marathon and good luck with the baby-making!
  • Thanks Disneyprincess. I have also been told by someone else a story of a girl who was actually doing way too much exercise and as soon as she stopped she fell. I think that only really applies for way too much though... Like for example training for a half marathon (good on you by the way). This girl was in severeal teams and training lots and big long runs etc. Combining that info with PP's info from the Doc's I think girls, can we safely say that moderate exercise is OK?!?! Ie. gym sessions, swimming etc.... as long as we're not going mad?!?! xxx
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