broody beth????

how excited r u hun omg im so excited for u??? are u gonna tell anyone??? xxx


  • Hey Hun,

    I'm soo excited lol! Done 2 Tesco tests which were only faint lines so been and got some more Superdrug ones to do tomorrow because they were strong lines yesterday image

    OH doesn't want to tell anyone til 12 weeks but convinced him to let me tell my sis in a few days because she's the only one that knows we are TTC and I think she'd be hurt if I didn't tell her. Will probably tell parents in a few weeks. It's funny though because OH's mum said something today and then said 'if you ever have children'... Then my mum was saying my older sis was on about a big family holiday in August and I just sat there smiling thinking hopefully I'll be like 8months pregnant then :lol: and we wont be coming!

    Everyone on here has been so nice and there's so many of you girlies I wish I could take with me!!

    How are you babe? Have you been getting you BD on :lol: xx
  • Congratulations, thats fantastic news.

    V image
  • haha lol yes lots of bd image however did opk this am and was neg, so may be tomoro, but i have no moreopks but we have bd'd a lot so shudnt have missed it, so just willing the swimmers on now, come little tadpoles swim for mummy image lol
  • We barely had sex this month, just twice and both times I jumped straight up after!

    Tell you all I've done since my BFP is wee and trump :lol: Think I have got a bit of a UTI too. Need to register at Dr's and go for antibiotics :cry:

    I am really really hoping you get your BFP this cycle babe xx
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