you've gotta laugh!

well, i woke up this morning as hot as anything and went to the loo earlier to see some very (tmi here) stringy, sticky clear discharge. so i figured it looked promising and picked up my clearblue ov tester (the ??20 one from boots) as i was unwrapping the stck, i dropped the whole bloody lot into the toilet!!so i think my tester is a bit f**ked he hehe!has anyone used the cheapie ov sticks off amazon and are they any good?theyre only ??5 for 30 so a bit of a bargain, just wondering if they are worth it. cheers xxx


  • Clutz!! Sounds like the sort of thing I would do! Still, at least you're laughing and not crying!

    I haven't used the amazon cheap ones but quite a few of the girls on here have recommended them, so I would say give them a go - at least then if you drop them down the loo again it hasn't cost you as much as the clearblue!!! :lol:
  • Hi chick

    Thats almost as bad as me dipping the test in the loo and then hubby saying to me well of course its a BFN its diluted LMAO lol!!!

    Nice one, nice to know am not the only clutz on here he he, bet your gutted tho they arent cheap are they.

    I would say your cheapies will be fine until you can stock back up on CB's x
  • Oops double post


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  • Just a quickie, I use the amazon cheapies and they work great! See my post today in cycle buddies! You just have to know how to read them correctly.
  • hehehehe oops!
  • oh thanks ladies, ive ordered me some sticks off amazon (lets hope i dont need them!) my clearblue thingy stopped flashing, but i dont really trust it seen as it has been floating around in my loo...
    this ttc thing is so funny sometimes, my hubby decided to try and keep his stuff in last night by blowing on it (sorry tmi!) i laughed sooo much at him, it actually hurt me to move afterwards, apparantley he was 'maximising the little fellas chances' if nothing, i can say we have had fun trying!xxx
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