i really want a baby again but....

hi all im new to this site but i was wondering what to do. i know this may sound crazy to you all(sometimes i agree with that) but i am already desperate to have another baby. my youngest is 8 months old but after having three boys i am so so sure my next one will be my little girl i so desperately want. i have thought about if it was another boy and i know that i would be fine (maybe slightly dissappointed but id still love my baby all the same) except my partner is happy the way we are but i cant help wanting another so bad.x what do i do?:cry:


  • has anyone been in this position and not known what to do or how did you get around it ? im so desperate x:\(
  • I haven't been in your position babybun, but I didn't want to r&r. Have you explained to your OH just how much it would mean to you to have a little girl?

    Is it possible he is looking at things from a different point of view, like finances, or being able to cope?

    I can understand how you feel, playing devil's advocate for a second....what if your next one was a boy, would you want to try all over again for the girl?

    I hope I haven't made you feel worse, and I hope you get a more helpful answer soon. xx

  • This isn't really that similar but didn't want to r&r! Before we got married my hubby didn't want any children (already has two from previous marriage) and we very nearly had to go separate ways cos I really want little ones. But I backed right off and let him come round to the idea gradually - and now he's really excited about it image I think men sometimes just need a bit of thinking time - and sometimes to think that it was their idea in the first place??!!! (sorry very sexist...) Hope this helps a bit - I understand how frustrating it is!
  • yes i have spent the last few months thinking about it and all the worries and concerns i had to myself then i asked him and he wants to wait till jakey(my youngest ) is out of nappies but thats about two years away! i desperately want another chance now and i have thought several things through. money isnt really a prob although it would be tighter obviously my other son be out nappies by time new babes be here. ive explained to him but i cant stress enough to him. i guess my only answer is to respect his wishes eh?
  • I agree with el2712, if you can give him time to think about how you feel about it. He probably is still processing the pro's and con's. xx
  • i pretty much think he dead set of in few years. i dont even think he thinking about it any more. im going to my cousins son party this afternoon with my kids and my other cousin who is going to be there and she pregnant and i know im just going to get so depressed seeing her bump.
  • I'd like to say I have an answer for you then, but I'm afraid I'm not sure what else to say. Perhaps giving it a little time, and seeing if things have changed, as hard as that may be. xx
  • thats all i can do i guess. thankyou to everyone who has helped me x
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