Two AF's?

Urgh ive been having pain in my stomach all morning and feeling a bit poorly anyway with a cold, just ran a bath as i was so sore and noticed AF has arrived (again?)

Stopped last sunday so i was getting all excited for first month using CBFM in two weeks, but now i dont know what?!!!

Just so cross as its a proper AF, dont know how long it will last though.

What do you think i should do with CBFM? Just reset it, or POAS anyway?

Im normally every 35 days, except i went to 47 last month and im on day 9 now...or i was?



  • I wonder if you had had a little bean and an implantation bleed and then lost it??? Sorry if that upsets you - Im only guessing here!

    Have you recently come off the pill and getting back to regular cycles?

    Sorry I cant be of much help! H x
  • Very odd

    Im with mrsa How long u been off the pill?
    Did you do a HPT before ur last AF??

    gems x
  • I would speak to your gp hun just to check what's going on - it might put your mind at rest. xx
  • i wasnt on the pill (i was ages ago and went straight onto depo but ive been off it for 2 years).

    For some reason AF was just really late Dec/Jan-Dr thought it was just one of those things and it was late or that it was a shy eptopic but then AF started and i thought all was ok. As i kept getting BFN's.

    My AF has stopped, it just came all at once and now is gone, not too sure, and im now getting OV sytle pains-but i wouldnt even be OVing until day 20 or so.

    Thanks for helping-im such a worrier anyway.
    Thank you

  • Maybe it is an implantation bleed??? xx
  • Hmmm, sadly no!!

    It would have to be a miricle child!!!

    My AF only stopped 4 days ago-so i dont think it would be because of a bean or anything. Which is actually a little bit of good news as its not too sad.

  • I once had two Af's in one month..but it was like 2 weeks apart. But just 4 days?.I dont know what to think. Sorry i'm not any help hun.
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