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Hiya girls - it's the first time I've posted here for a long time. We are ttc our second but I usually go in born in Nov 09 - when our little girl was born....

I know you girls do a lot of symptom spotting so probably arent looking for these kinds of signs but if anyone's got any advice - that'd be amazing!!

Since having Amber - I've not used anything like the pill or injection to stop us having another - so my af's have just been completely natural - before we had Amber I was on the pill since I was a teenager and then we had loads of problems ttc as I didnt have proper cycles so I didnt have any of the usual emtional ups and downs you get in between af's. Now since af returned after having Amber - they've been AWFUL - it's like my cycles have returned to how they should be (great for ttc) but I'm majorly suffering for it!!! I bleed LOADS, I become a dragon after I ovulate in the second half of the cycle - like I get soooo low and really impatient with everything - I get cramps and headaches for a week before af is due. I HATE it......
Does anybody else get this and do you have any tips for easing it????
I just hope I dont have to cope with it for long - if we werent ttc our 2nd I'd just go on the pill so I didnt get any of this. We soooo want to complete our family with one more little babba and I darent go on ht epill until we have completed our family as I dont want to have to go through what we went through with ttc Amber ever again so dont want to mess up my cycles now they seem to be working again!!

Thanks image

xxaxx and Amber 8 months


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