I tested Saturday afternoon, before the party I was going to and it was a BFN, which I was expecting. But now, CD 31 (of what I thought was going to be a 28/29day cycle), no sign of af (except some cramps, but that's only been a few mild ones), 2 negative test (Friday/Sunday) and a bit of strange CM,TMI, a kinda 'lotion' consistancy, lovely!

I really want to test again, but don't want to see another -ve! If I were to test again this evening, I can see this becoming an obsession, will it show or should I just wait until morning? I have a couple of Tesco hpt, does anyone know if these accurate this early?

Thanks Ladies!xx


  • Hi hun

    Think tesco are 25miu but not sure, I would say test as long as you wont get disheartened or hang on until morning and test with fmu.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks love!

    Unfortunatley, AF arrived this afternoon. I had let myself and hubby get excited, oh well! Onward and upwards I suppose

    On to month 2

  • oh bugger! :x fingers crossed for next month xxx
  • Thanks LB. Mr McG doesn't know she's showed up, he's got work tonight so was in his bed when she appeared image

    AND to make matters worse, I thought I'd sneakily eat the huge bag of Milky Buttons JD got for Christmas, but they're 4 months out of date! They were my emergency supply!!

    Bugger WW, i'f going to make scones!xx
  • Oh no, thats a shame image

    I wouldnt even have thought to check the date on the buttons :lol: they would have just been eaten - and very quickly! :lol: Perfect excuse to just go out and buy more! image

    Mmmmmm Scones! good idea! image xxx
  • this is big baggy pants
  • big stinky baggy pants :lol:
  • :lol: yes totally agree lol

    im still in limbo lol
  • really? when were you due on? I think auntie flo needs to stop playing hide and seek and just bugger off for good for you Mrs Grudie! image

  • Pants indeed. Gave the scones a miss, I ironed instead and worked out when I'd be due if I caught this month, yikes I'm getting into this! (9/2/2011, incase anyone wondered!) image

    Still on the Limboade? It's totally your turn Grudie.xx
  • well im cd 35 today can go all the way to 45 tho so im not offically 'late' so to speak,my last cycle was 30 days....ah wel you no i'd tell you'z first anyways
  • you better! :P xxx
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