AF here

Well AF arrived in full flow on Friday so no BFP for me just yet!! I will keep on perservering!!!!!!


  • mine arrived today as well. Good luck for next month.
  • Next month Hun PMA & good luck!
  • Sorry shes found you, fingers crossed for next month.xx
  • got mine yesterday after many BFNs n 52 days.was a relief in a way as was startin 2 think sumat was seriously wrong with my bod lol n have been so stroppy for last 3 wks,af very heavy @ mo,has ne1 else had really had heavy af after long cycle? lookin fward ttc nxt mth now x
  • sorry to hear she has turned up. join in with me and tell her not to come back for 9 months - we all have to get BFPs in july! xxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear that - good luck for next month xx
  • Thanks for your replies every-one.
    Mushie37 - Hope your AF eases, my cycle tends to always be 27 or 28 days so I can't really answer your question.
    Good luck to every-one, hope we all get a BFP very soon! x
  • Sorry she found you, you're joining me in July. xx
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