is a line a line however faint it is?

today after a stressfull week of having a BFP and then BFNs i have had a faint BFP on a clear blue plus test! it is very very faint and isnt as fat as the line should be! does this matter? but there is a definate line!


  • have you tried a clear blue digital the words Pregnant may help

    When was AF due??

    Good Luck gems xxx
  • yeah tried before when i was having my negatives and said not pregnant but apparently they arnt very sensative at all! havent had period yet came off my implanon 3 weeks today doc said to expect period within 10 days sill havent had one???
  • could still be really early hun
    MrsCCarter had BFP then BFN and now she has a bump so u never know.
    i am sorry for saying this and ill slap myself for you :lol: but another test in a few days when hormones have risen with fmu is the only thing i would suggest. maby a superdrug there 10miu and cheaper than FR.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and a BFP x (sorry i was no help)
  • sorry g/c - my line was VERY faint on my first test and didnt get stronger until 4 days later and I have a 5mth baby girl now...hehe so it must have been a line! xxxx
  • i dont have a super drug ne where near me unless i travel an hour but hopefully it will be worth it! image
  • hun, girls are right you might just be too early. wait a few days and do another test. good luck hun.xxxxxxxxx
  • If you are not sure wait a couple of days and test again.....
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