OK, so I already know that things are very strange in my cycle this month, know that from late AF which was then abnormal due to length of bleeding and continued spotting. So then it appears I may have ovulated very early, possibly CD8??? That was Sunday. I felt quite wet earlier so check my CM this morning which was sort of milky/creamy and quite a bit of it. Well, just been to the loo now and literally what appeared to be the preverbial egg white like I have never seen before just kind of dropped out of me!!!! Seriously, I have never seen EWCM like it - if I didnt know better, I would have said that I have laid my own bloody egg and cracked it!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?

Just done an OPK too but not even the faintest line...


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  • Uum, not sure what to say to that!!! Didn't want to R&R. Good luck hun!!
  • I think ewcm can build up over 3 days leading up to ov so it could be that! I would bd anyway just in case. Could it have been ohs left over swimmers? sorry to ask, just a thought! xxx
  • LMAO laid an egg and cracked it! Is that what love eggs are?!

    Bd Bd Bd Bd Bd Bd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMG, bet that was a suprise!!! Without meaning to be nosey, could it be leftover swimmers???

    Otherwise, not sure what that could be - have you tried googling it?
    Good luck
  • LOL! No, seriously, it really was the 100% consistancy of egg white, no mistaking it from OH's lastnights leftovers!!! It literally glooped out of me just like when you crack an egg and it was gone, checked and there is no more, just the usual milky/creamy cm. Sorry ladies, its just really freaked me out :lol: Had EWCM before, but not like this. Maybe I'm turning into a chicken......:lol:

    3rd BD in a row wont hurt, I was just aiming for every other day, but what the hell - hubby's christmas' have all come at once, haha!!

  • :lol: Good luck MrsS (and MrS too!!) xxx
  • MrsS, what's happening hun???? get bding as much as you can....good luck!!!

  • LOL r u sure its not his whatsit from last night!!???!!! BD BD BD!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies! Hubby popped home just now for a quick brew but he was only back for about 15minutes, I did try my feminine charm with him but he wasnt having any of it - damn! Dont blame him mind as if anyone tried to stand between my lunch and me there would be hell!!! :lol: It will give me a chance to get to the gym in the meantime and be a little virtuous. He's back at 4 so think I will put my new Ann Summers ensemble on for his enjoyment... image Got a night shift tonight so its a good excuse to stay in bed afterwards!!!


    PS Definately NOT his "whatsit" (image) from last night much thicker and gloopier, plus (TMI) that already made its way out first thing this morning when I went to the loo :lol:

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  • Quote: "Maybe im turning into a chicken.."
    OMG you cracked me up... :lol:
    i think that's the works of the EPO you've been taking.. maybe that or you are really turning into a chicken.. :lol: Are'nt we all :lol:
  • Quote: "Maybe im turning into a chicken.."
    OMG you cracked me up... :lol:
    i think that's the works of the EPO you've been taking.. maybe that or you are really turning into a chicken.. :lol: Are'nt we all :lol:
  • Ok, so I continued to have EWCM all yesterday and through till this morning. I have done an OPK and there is a relatively faint line (which I usually get as phasing in or out of ov) and I have been thinking about what I have done differently that may explain the copious amounts of EWCM these last couple of days, so, here goes:

    For the last 4 or 5 days I have been eating a whole grapefruit - they say it helps with your CM, but then I read somewhere that there was absolutely no evidence to support that theory.

    I have started taking high strength omega 3 oil capsules in place of EPO since Sunday as I wasnt sure if I had ovulated already.

    So I suppose it could have been down to either one of those, but then I have been taking a high dose of EPO for a couple of months now and never had a result like this before!! :\?

    Oh well, suppose it may be worth a try for those of you who feel they need a little extra EWCM.....

  • Ill pass on the grapefruit thanx. Yuk! Maybe its down to the epo, it may just have needed a while to have a noticeable effect? Get bd'g girlie! Good luck! xx
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