I think my body is broken!

Ok so i tested this morning and it was bfn! image I still have no period either! Im slighty worried that iam not pg and my periods seemed to have dissappeared! Ive started taking angus catcus this morning as got bfn and hopefully af will come back at somepoint ! xx


  • dont despair yet clarkie! as the old b.e. saying goes ...it aint over till af arrives! you might just not have enough hormone to show up on test yet hun x
  • Aww Clarkie. Sorry to hear it was BFN after egging you on to test. As Chloe says though it could just be taking a while to show up!

    Let us know how you get on, hope you come back to tell us you've got that BFP in the next couple of days.

  • Sorry clarkie. Not sure you should take the AC until af shows hun. xx
  • Ive had 2 cycles of 29days since comming of the pill, dunno where it is, My nipples are really sore which i dont normally get and no other normal for me pmt symptoms! If i got bfn and then my period came id be fine its just now i have no baby and no af! xxx image
  • Thank u, I doubt it though, im sure its my body playing tricks on me. image i have no pma today im afraid. xx
  • oh, keep smiling hun, as the others say, its not over until the witch arrives
  • Ok Clarkie, i feel really guilty now for telling you to test. Really hope its just that you've not got enough hormone for it to show. Maybe you shouldn't take AC until af shows though. Good luck hun.
  • don't feel guilty image, i had to test to know! I thought i would have had enough hormone by now if not that cant be good either can it? When would i definatly have enough do ya think? I dunno i think im not pg and without a period i cant see it happening! xx
  • I would not take AC until you get AF - it is not recommended when PG and you still could be xx
  • it was a tough descion weather to start ac, but i can always stop if iam pg, but at least it might bring back my awol af if im not pg and i might get pg by taking it! xx
  • It's your choice. But I think it can cause miscarriage, and I heard you should take it for a month or two, before actively ttc. I would ask in your local health food shop. Apparently Holland and Barrett are good with advice. xx
  • well i wanted to start taking it this month when af came as thought it might aid ovulation as im not sure about weather iam or not cant really tell, but then this no af happened im all a bit confused! xx
  • It's hard, but if you were pg, you would be putting bean at risk. xx
  • Sorry you have no AF and keep getting a BFN. I can imagine that is really confusing, but you still have hope as you did not get AF! Hope your ok today x
  • keep testing untill af arrives....good luck.xx
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