Afternoon !!

Hi lovely ladies,

I've been run off my little tootsies with work for the last week or so , which is good in a way as it's kept me from obsessing during my 2WW LOL !!

Testing day is on Friday ... I'm really really hoping for a BFP ... but all the signs of the witch are apparent today ... boohoo!!!

Hoping I can hold out until Friday to test - but I'm getting the itchy Superdrug finger again....hold me back!

Hope everyone is well?!



  • Hi Shirls, it is good that you have been kept busy during the 2ww as it is a nightmare!

    I caved in this afternoon and went to Superdrug in my lunch hour and have to confess that I just tested and BFN. BUM!!!! Be strong and hold off till Friday, not long to wait and fingers crossed that you get a BFP.

  • are superdrug tests sensitive? I seen a few members talk about them.

    good luck for BFP..
  • Yes they are and they say you can use them up to 4 days prior to AF. Shame mine was a BFN, however I will keep trying! I am still secretly hoping I tested too early and AF does not show but doubt it. x
  • Thanks guys,

    I'm hoping I've cracked it this month ... time will tell!!

    Superdrugs tests are supposed to be really sensitive, I'm going to try my hardest to hold out - something tells me I might be testing Thursday LOL

    Working late tonight, so taxi home (no opportunity to stop at SD at the station on the way)...and out after work tomorrow ...

    Of course I could always stop on the way INTO work LOL - but I'm always late so rush passed without thinking!

    Good luck to us all ...

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