Oooooooo my boobs hurt!

Hi everyone
I just need a rant as my boobs are sooooooo sore but only really my nipple is sore and the rest of my boob is sooooo tender.
My AF is 15 days late but STILL a BIG FAT NEGATIVE!!!!!!


  • My boobs were so sore I couldn't even walk without being in pain this month! I tested yesterday and got a BFN!!! They are still sore today but feeling a bit crampy today so think af is on it's way... ;-( I just wish it would come so I can start counting the days and trying again!!!! Gonna take SB's advice and go for the "fun fun fun" option this month.
    It also seems to me that, (apart from queasiness) pg symptoms are very similar to af symptoms, so not gonna symtoms spot this month as it just confuses me!!! (yeah, right, as if that'll happen :lol: )

    Fingers crossed for a BFP for you.... especially with SB sprinkling her very effective baby dust everywhere....!!!! xxx
  • More babydust coming at ya from filo and lots of pma, mine grows really fast too. hang in there ladies.
    Filo x

  • Aww thanks ladies and congratulations to you both on your BFP's
  • My boobs hurt more than ever.They are so tender and they feel quite hard to.
    EEEK! Is this normal?
  • I dont know what is normal anymore. Most months I feel like I have pg symptons but I get bfns then af arrives. I've stopped symptom spotting this month as it drives me crazy, and yes I do have a few symptoms that im not even going to mention but I know Im not pg. I just ignore it all now and try to blame it on other stuff like a cold or lack of sleep. i do hope yours is a gd sign though! gd luck xx
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