cos i bought them all and they are in my bathroom bin !!! :lol: :lol:

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  • lol....no thats me! image

  • teehee. well at least that will stop me buying any (and therefore testing) far too early! xx
  • actually it was me few months ago, could easily get through one a day after 7dpo!! and also ov tests did the cheap ones every day if not twice sometimes. bad filo ex poas addict!!
    Filo x
  • lol filo!! I am starting to get to that point being 8 days late!! I WILL NOT POAS THOUGH!! not for another day or so !! xx
  • immense you should get an award for patience!! LOL!
  • I am not that patient lol - I have done 3 already - I am just trying to resist doing them everyday xx
  • Ah i see well good luck for the next time you test! I've given up testing now. Fed up waiting for af though. x
  • How late are you shellk? I have docs booked for 1 1/2 wks time if nothing happens to see if they will do bloods or scan to make sure one way or other. I am prob only gonna test about 3 times before them if I can resist!
  • Well 1st cycle off the pill was 40 days. Im now on cd57. Have tested a few times BFN. Really peed off to be honest. x
  • I am 9 days behind you then - so I can understand as I am bad enough at 48days! Are you going to go to docs if nothing happens just to see?
  • Im going to see how it goes. Im terrified of needles and I know they'd want blood!! image
  • I see!! I am not terrified of them but it is a hassle having it done as my veins are really small and low under the skin! I have to have childrens needles used lol xx I just want to know what is going on - if they tell me it is just my body messed up then fair enough - but it is the not knowing I don't like xx
  • i have done 17 this month already and af is due thurs !! lol !! i am soooo naughty x
  • you are kateward!! lol!! When did the addiction start?
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