Advice Please

I've just won a CBFM on Ebay (af came yesterday). I am just about to order some of the testing sticks but I'm unsure about how many I need to buy. Please can somebody tell me how many I will need for the first month?
Thanks x


  • Hi there. If your cycle is about 28 days you will need 10 sticks. If it is longer you may need 20. I only used 10 on my first month. To be honest it's cheaper on e bay to buy 20 rather than 10 usually. Good luck.

    V xx
  • No bother. Good luck x
  • Hi Vicsy
    My cycle is around 34 days. I'll buy 20 then - just in case.
    Thanks for the quick response x
  • in the first months 2 normally it should ask you to use the whole 20 so it gets to know your cycle,you can get 20 from amazon for 12 quid and i found them to be the cheapest place
  • hhmmm wheres my post??? stupid be lol
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