10 dpo and no symptoms for a change!!!

Hello ladies!!

So, i have managed to keep away all month but i thought surely no harm could come of logging on whilst in the 2ww!!

I am 10dpo and due af on Friday with minimal symptoms!! at last!!!

for those of you who don't know me, i seem to get every symptom going and the af arrives!!!

but this time only a little bit of lower back ache and womb ache rather than the usual agony and very slightly sore nipples rather than rock hard growing boobs!!

so, i am rather hopeful that this difference means a lo is on the way!!! or that my af symptoms are settling down!! lets hope it's the former!!!

and also, i started with an awful sore throat, swollen glands and earache and headache on saturday but it's pretty much gone now which was strange, don't usually have random poorliness that is over so quickly!! wonder if that could be anything to with a lo?? hahah, wishful thinking ey!!

and how are you other lovelies!!! i certainly need a catch up!!!


  • Nice to see you back hun. When are you testing?
  • Hi babe

    I am like you 10 dpo and no real signs am starting to think maybe that could be a good thing too. I have very sore nipples and only one sore boob my left one but they are not getting bigger or hard. I also have a stuffy nose which is driving me mad and running in the mornings and a lower back ache and almost a belly ache more than cramps.

    Your signs soulds very good a lot of things I have read say women who got the BFP had swollen galnds and all that so I will keep everything crossed for you

    K xx
  • Oh and I have had hard nips as well which I never have LOL

    K xx
  • oooh thank you!!!!

    i am not going to test till next week, going to see if i miss af first seeing as they still aren't reliable!!! but this lack of "symptoms" is hopefully a good thing!!

    good luck for you too K-Lou!
  • I know what you mean. I havent had the pleasure of testing yet coz I keep putting it off & then af arrives!!! I suppose it means I'm not wasting a fortune of HPT's!!!

    Fingers crossed you'll get your BFP this month xx
  • Thank you I don't know about you but I am almost too scard to test image

    K xx
  • I know that feeling too K-lou. I'm always afraid to test coz I dont want to see a BFN & I'm always scared to see a BFP too early too just incase it isnt meant to be if that makes sense (probably not!!)
  • Yeah that does honey I feel just the same. my nipples have been more hard and also at times go like a purple colour? Though at first my nipples were really sore now they are not that sore?

    My body is playing mind games with me?

    K xx
  • I know the feeling. Our bodies can be sooo cruel to us at times. When is your af due?
  • this friday i think only came off the pill 4 weeks ago so this will be my first af thats natural so could be waiting months!!

    k xxx
  • Fingers crossed you wont have to wait months. I was lucky & conceived Amy the 1st month after coming off the pill
  • Really did you have your first natural bleed?

    Can I ask you something do you think coming off the pill or a sign of AF on her way would make my nipples sometimes pinks and other times darl purple/brown looking?

    Sometimes they both look really dark which I have never had before it's just the nipple though not the area around it?

    K xx
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