Please help! I need advice!

Hi There,

I've visited this website quite a few times and finally decided to sign up and become a newbie! I'm getting married to a wonderful man in early August so it's a very exciting time for both of us. My husband-to-be has also secured a new job in hertford so we'll be moving there at the end of August.

We want to try for a baby in September if everything goes well with the move and the new job. Now that we have reached this decision I just can't stop thinking about babies! I've always wanted a family and the idea of becoming a mother in the next year is overwhelming but I'm feeling a little alone. My parents are very supportive and they know about all our plans.

Unfortunately my husband-to-be's parents are very hard to talk to, they are scared of any sort of change and feel that the wedding will be a a sad time. This is having a huge effect on my fiance', he goes all quiet when I talk about anything to do with the future. Sometimes I just wish his parents would back off and let him grow. He really wants to be a father but at the same time I know he's frightened that his parents will make it a bad time for us.

I would appreciate any comments! I've been trying to handle this as best I can. One minute my fiance' is buying me a baby book, the next he doesn't want to talk about it. I'm a little confused. Help!


  • hello newbie and welcome,cant really offer any advice but no wonder your confused,i guess its up to your oh to stand up to his parents and tell them this is how its gonna be,maybe they will change when your pregnant and see the lo for the first time,iam sure other ppl have been in the same situation and will give you some better advice,really hope you get it sorted hun

  • Hello and welcome!

    Like FallenAng31, I don't really have any advice but wanted to say that you must concentrate on all the happy things happening and try not to let your oh's parents get you down.

    Good luck!
  • Hiya Gemstone, welcome to the mad mad world of ttc!

    I hope you fall pg as soon as you want to and your wedding is fabulous!

    As for h2b parents, I think from my experience, once you get married and have a baby to look after his parents will fall to the background a bit. You will have your own little family and hopefully h2b will be so caught up with you and bubba that he won't be so worried about what they think.
    It might be just this that his parents are worried about, that they won't be the most important ppl in his life anymore. But as long as you don't let them interfere (this may mean doing more stuff by yourselves though) they will have to accept the role you give them. The most important thing is you h2b and your future together.
    Good luck Maxi xxx
  • hello just wanted to say welcome and that i hope you get things sorted - enjoy the wedding planning!!

    good luck hun xxx
  • Thank you all for your kind words and welcomes, especially maximaxi. It's so nice to hear some positive things for once. I just don't get people who worry all the time about every little thing. We live closer to H2Bs parents than mine so it's hard to hear negative things when I'm used to being so very positive! As far as I'm concerned, life is for living and hopefully my H2B will be more excited once we've moved away. Never live too close to in-laws lol!
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