Anyone watching 8 boys and wanting a girl?

I just dont get it. These women managed to have a baby how is that not good enough? And how must the poor boys feel knowing that their mum wants a girl. I just think its selfish. Sorry for the rant. Hope I havent touched a nerve for anyone on here.


  • I totally agree!
    It made me so mad! The women were so blessed but seemed to have no idea!
    I was close to shouting at the TV!
  • Hehe! I was doing that! image
  • I agree with you too!!! Knowing how lucky I would feel to have a boy OR a girl just makes these women look so idiotic! Oddly the men in the programme actually talked more sense!!! Thats a first!!! Deep breaths and stay calm i suppose... but it's difficult to empathise with these women thats for sure!! x
  • I think it's all wrong - there are women out there who would love a baby of any sex BUT can't have them and then you have women firing them out in the vain hope that they can play god and get the sex they want.

    I'm currently trying for a baby and I'd be happy for anything so long as it was healthy. I really don't care. I'd love boy or girl. It makes me so mad!

    Especially when the lady burst into tears whilst having her word!! Rant over. Jx
  • Yep i totally agree, its shocking.....its beyond selfish.

    How can these women pop out all their kids and im still ttc no 1 after almost 2 yr of trying...would totally be happy with whatever i get (if it ever happens).
  • Sorry to gatecrash but saw this on the front page.
    I'm absolutely furious watching this program!!
    I am very blessed to have a beautiful little girl, I always wanted a boy but from the minute I saw the heartbeat on the screen I didn't care! Actually, from the moment I saw that blue line on the test!

    Of course it would be lovely to have children of both sexes but if I never had another child I would still feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have my baby girl.

    The bit that got me is when the woman said if she could change her boys to girls she would (or something to that effect) How on earth are those poor boys going to feel when they watch this back?


    Anyway, I really hope you all get your BFP's very soon image

  • g/c but totally agree!!!

    Have just watched this too and was also shouting at the tv. I don't get it either. When we were ttc no 1 that took 2 and half years only for that to end in a mmc 5 months before our wedding...but thats another story.

    We're now expecting bubba no 1 (all being well - am 37 wks on sat but you just worry all the way through) and hubby n i feel so lucky and blessed that we've made it this far.

    As long as the baby is healthy is all that matters surely??? These women have obviously got issues and as far as i'm concerned following our personal experience, i will never be able to understand where they're coming from.

    The woman that had her scan and started crying didn't even care if the baby was healthy, she literally just wanted to know what sex it was - oh my word!!!!

    Thats my rant over too - good luck you lovely ladies ttc - sending you all lots of pma and sticky baby dust, also hoping that i don't offend anyone but its shocking xxx
  • I watched this! Couldn't believe the attitude of these women! Particularly the one who ended up with the twin girls, how could she tell her partner she wouldn't marry him until he gave her a girl!!

    Was strange watching it though, I worked in a shop a couple of years ago and the lady from Rochford with 8 boys was a regular customer, she was lovely and the boys were so well behaved. Was interesting to see... not necessarily relevent but though i'd mention it!
  • in a way i can see both sides but not likening it to being childless i have 2 girls and would have liked a boy but things went wrong at the end of my 2nd pregnancy and it made me realise how lucky i was to have 2 healthy girls we nearly lost Leah at birth so when i have any more im not fussed at what sex they are as long as they are healthy its mad how people get so obsessed with what sex they want as long as you have a healthy baby surely thats all that matters

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  • i agree, the only time i think gender shld be that much of an issue is if there is some gender specific inherited disease or something in the family. i cldn't believe taht woman asked the gender before the woman had finished checking all was ok and interupted her to do so! and the other woman with the is having 4 beautiful healthy boys the same as being completely childless??? shocking! i have a gorgeous ds and when we had him i didn't care what the sex was, and nopw we're ttc no2 we still don't ahve a preference, altho i can understand some people having a preference, but i just don't see how or why it can be that upsetting to have all one sex, unless liek i said there is some health issues. they really shld be counting their blessings rather than wishing they cld change their boys into girls! omg!
  • Sorry for g/c I too am blessed with 2 little girls and expecting my third which I really do not mind whether it is a boy or girl following ectopic mc last year. I just feel very blessed to have children. What annoyed me was that the lady who had twin girls then seemed to ignore her boys and make such a fuss of her girls. Dread to think how the other mums on the programme would have behaved if they had actually fallen pg with a girl, such lovely little boys too.

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