I think I have a very faint line

Cutest little girl in the whole world.


  • Is it possible to "think" you have a faint line on a HPT.
    Surely, if you see a line, you see a line.
    Could I be trying to convince myself that I have a faint line?????
    OH is talking to my dad at the mo. Really need him to have a look.
    I think I could just be being daft so dont get to excited lol
  • OMG- everything crossed that its there. If its really faint test in the morning. Really excited now-what does oh think????xxx
  • i tested the weekend and i swear i had a faint pos had friend look and she seen it too but tested again tues and a bfn af not due till about the 31st so could be early for me
  • A faint line is indeed a line!

    Keep everything crossed. Did you test in the morning? its supposed to be a stronger line then.xxx

  • A line is a line - are you going to test in the morning?

    Fingers crossed x x
  • Good luck with the next test - let us know how you get on!
  • Have you done another test this morning??
  • If you see a line then it must be there! Good luck if you are testing again today, let us know asap! xx
  • Hi, tested again this morning and got a BFN so think it was an evaporation line that we saw.
    Damn and blast. Oh well. try again!
  • Oh damn!!! When is af due? Let's hope it's just your body playing tricks hey. This ttc is trying indeed!!!

  • well af is due around the 31st I think. I dont have any cramps, just really sore boobs and lower back ache. OH is being quite snappy with me lately, he even slept on sofa last nite for no reason. Ive lost all PMA and im even wondering weather its the right time to have a baby. I just feel like bursting into tears.
  • O no I am sorry. Hope af doesnt arrive and you do get your bfp this month!!Good luck!xxx
  • I just dont know what to do anymore. Dont know weather to keep trying or to just forget it. Got a blood test on the 4th (please remind me as I should have had one yesterday and forgot all about it lol). They are going to test for a number of things such as anemia and thyroid problems. Ive put on so much weight just lately that I can barely move around.
    I just feel like shit to be honest.
  • well I came off the pill 2 yrs ago. Not used any contraception in all that time but nothing has happened. I have always had regular 28 day cycles ever since coming off the pill but ive not had a period now since 13th March. My GP has said that if I had had normal periods my next one should be around 31st????????
  • everytime I ask the doctors if they can do something to help, they just say, give it time. I might ring my gynaecologist's secretary and see if I can ask him some advice or go and see him. He is brill and very informative
  • well ive tested this morning and its a bfn.
    What is a baby centre hun?
  • Would a family planning centre be any use. Ive never used one and not really sure what they do except give out free condoms but I dont really need any of those lol

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