ovu tests

Hi girls. . .

WEll I'm cd11 2day and got slight cramps so gonna grab the oh 2Nite lol didn't think id ovulate this month as 1st month off the pill lol

ALSO just been looking 4 ovulation tests but only found clearblue ones that were ??20! IS there any others cheaper? LOL

Ty x


  • hiya, im in the same boat, on cd9 and tests seem to say im ovulating. i also have period type tummy ache, wasnt sure if thats suppost to be happening when i ovulate. i got my test from ebay 50 for ??7.99 seem to work.

    out of interest did you start cd1 the first day of your break from pill or first of af. my af is always 2 days after i stop taking the pill.

  • I am also on CD9. I broght some Boots own brand tests which I did yesterday and they were negative so will do another one today and hopefully it will show that I am ov soon.
    Good luck ladies.
  • HI thanks 4 reply I took cd 1 from when I came on .
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