Need some advice please!

Hi all... I'm 7dpo (approx 28 day cycle). Im getting very slight cramps all over my tummy, feel tired and (sorry tmi!) getting very slight pinky cm..... could i be pg? Its my 3rd month off the pill, and my last 2 cycles have been 28 days:\?!!!


  • Hi Lou72

    I would not like to say if you are PG yet, but you do have some of the symptoms. I have been getting cramps, tiredness, headaches, nausea, spotting but am only on CD23 after my last pill period so am not sure what is going on!

    I would suggest if nothing happens and you are unsure then POAS around CD24 / 25!!

    Sorry I haven't been more help!
  • Hi

    Also am not sure you are pg but agree with immense you have a lot of symptoms.

    Am also 7dpo and have similiar symptoms too but am only in first month after stopping the pill so not sure if it means anything or not.

    Am going to try and hold until next weekend before POAS but not sure that I will make it - might try on Wednesday/ Thursday instead :lol:

    Let us know how you get on - sounds like we might all find out about the same time image
  • Its an awful waiting game....just want to know now whats going on with my body! Good Luck... fingers crossed for next weekend x
  • pink discharge could be implantation bleed you never know keep up the pma give it 3 more days then poas good luck xxx
  • MrsRoss.....How are you today, symptom wise? Im getting a little dark brown cm.... and after having a nice long sleep, still feel shattered!:\?:\?
  • Hi Lou72

    Still feeling tired managed to get quite a lot of sleep for me (have had issues sleeping on and off for a few years now)

    Thankfully am not feeling sick at the moment as we are off to my folks today and they don't know we are ttc image

    CM is cream colour and not very much but have been getting sharp cramps last night and a few this morning also my back aches. :\?

    Am not sure what it all means - am trying not to get hopes up too much.

    When do you think you will test? Are you going to wait until af is due?

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  • Am very impatient so may test thurs!! My cm is pinky/brown...not loads but more than normal. My lower back is sore and have a mild headache but other than being other symptoms at present! Im praying AF does NOT turn up early.... i have only ever had a slight brown cm day before AF(due 10thmay)..... Oh its killing me! x
  • It is driving me mad too :lol:

    The 2ww was bad but knew that it was not worth testing so not sure how I am going to manage in the 1ww :\?

    Will try and hold out until Thursday - am going shopping today and so might buy hpt to have ready!! Maybe have a practice try ;\)

    Hope af stays away for both of us image

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  • Do wait...try not to buy may tempt fate! Lol! Speak very soon x x

  • Just wanted to let you know that I managed to resist buying any - am feeling very proud :LOL:

    Speak soon xxx

  • Well Done!!!! Symptoms??? Im still getting very litttle brown cm and very mild im due on! x
  • Symptoms are here with a vengence at the moment - feel vvvv sick, cramps, headache, keep getting really hot and then feel cold and am tired too but have been at folks this afternoon and house was very warm so not sure if it might be that. :LOL:

    Have just told OH that am worried it is all in my head and he has said that hopefully not and they are all good signs that might be pg - bless image

    Sounds good for you - all hopeful signs

    immense are you about still? How are you feeling?

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  • Hi MrsRoss!! Have woken up this morning feeling very empty and sick...have been sick once. Still have what looks like clear cm with bits of brown in?????? Along with a headache, very sore lower back and period pains! How are you?
  • Hi Lou72

    Sorry to hear you have been sick but sounding really promising for you image

    Am still really tired, feeling sick and getting cramps but not as bad as yesterday. Have a feeling it has not happened this month for us as cm is only either clear or white and have not seen any red/ brown in it. PMA has dropped a bit today but will see how I feel in the week. Just wish that you could tell sooner so that you know one way or the other!!

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