hi ladies ive been trying for a baby but it isnt working help!!!:\?


  • Hi Laura lou, welcome to the site. Your not the only one its not working for believe me. How long have you been ttc? Do you know what cd you are on?
  • thanx slow sorry wots ttc?
  • Hello. ttc means trying to concieve. If you click on the getting pregnant tab at the top of the page theres some useful information. Welcome to the site it is very friendly and informative x
  • i just wanna be a yummy mummy im 17 in august me and my partner have been together for 2years now duz any1 think it rong at my age to want a family of my own
  • thankyou shellk thats very usefull how r u? have u got any children?
  • Hubby and I are trying for our 1st. 17 is very young but its up to you and your partner if you feel ready. Im 28 in august you've made me feel old! lol!
  • Hi Laura Lou, its a very personal thing when to have a child whatever your age is but thought Id let you know how I found it as I fell pregnant at 17. It was a complete accident falling pregnant and I had to grow up very fast, her dad quickly decided fatherhood wasnt for him so I faced being a teenage single mum at 18. I wasnt able to go to University as planned so have had to work extra hard to progress in my career. I missed going out with my friends and doing all the things 'normal' teenagers do, I wanted to go on cheap tacky holidays but couldnt and I envied my friends that spent their monies on clothes and nights out while I struggled to pay a mortgage at 19. Im getting married in September to a man that s adopting my daughter as her dad has never been in the picture, he is like a father to her so I am very lucky. I am now trying to concieve my second and this is my first month and although I do not regret having my daughter at all I only now feel really ready to have a baby - that doesnt really make sense but you know what I mean!

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose, just thought Id throw in my two pennith x x

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  • Forgot say in my post - Im now 28, and my daughter is ten x
  • hi Laura Lou. im new too and trying for a baby. My names Joanna and I'm 21. If this is what you really want themn just keep trying but don't get stressed about it. Im not going to patronise you and tell you you are too yound because that will not help. although i new i wasnt ready at 17 that doesnt mean to say you are not. Have you spoken to you parents about this? Just wandering if they are supporting your decision. My two sisters were teenage mums, one at 15 and one at 17. Although they were both accidental pregnancies they would not change it for the world and continued to add to there families. But me being their little sister, they were quick to warn me about contreception and that being a parent was one of the hardest things ever. And like Jem 27 said, being a teenager and having fun and trying to work out your future was what my sisters always tried to encourage. Im 21 so still a baby myself as some would say, iv been married for a year and iv never been more ready to try for a baby in my intire life. it cant come quick enough. so far every one has been lovely and so supportive on here so keep us informed. good luck, remember some of the youngest mums make the best mums. all you need is support hun x x x
  • thanx every 1 you have all gave me a good welcome your all so nice i do want children im just finding it hard ive got lots of support off my family and friends i just find it easyer to talk to people that are going throu the same problems as me and the people that are on this site are very friendly and most of them have the same problems so what shall i do thank you all HELP X
  • Welcome to the site laura lou. xx
  • Hi and welcome. I was 19 when i got pg with my first, 20 when he was born. I found it hard some times - missing out on being carefree and coming and going as I pleased. My friend was 17 when she had her first. She found it hard too, so we supported each other! (our other friends pretty much abandoned us as we couldnt go out so much) I was in my 30's when I had my other 2.

    As long as you are sure you are ready for all the restrictions, and the sacrifices that you will face, then I dont think there is a 'right' age to ttc.

    If I could go back and change things, I wouldnt! I love my ds and dont for one minute regret having him so young. I had tons of energy, and was like a kid myself so we had lots of fun playing silly games! :lol:

    good luck with ttc, and stop worrying!! Its not always like they said it would be in sex-ed. (you know what I mean, 'miss a pill and youre pg', or 'do it once and youre pg'!!! I remember thinking it was sounded soooo easy to get pg!! :lol: ) It takes time, and you have plenty of that!

  • thank you ive been trying ttc for 5 months now i shor no it takes time thanx xxx image
  • hi laura, i say go with what you really want. good luck hun wit whatever you decide
  • thanx joanna you sound like a realy friendly person how long have u been trying for a baby me and my boyfriend have been tryin for ages i would like to wish you good look with trying for a baby 2 x x x image
  • thanx for that darling, feel lik i need all the luck i can get, i just have this niggly feeling i cant concieve. Me and my husband have only started to ttc this month. But i had chlamydia when I was 17 and i know that can reduce fertility or make you infertile, so i worry bout that. Have you been workin out your ovulation dates, that will help alot, maybe buy an ovulation test. They say to have sex 3 times a week or every other day.

    All i seem to do is think about being pregnant or having my baby with my. All sorts of names go through my head and i envy all pregnant women out there. Do you feel like this too? I have wanted this for about a year but took a while for my husband to come round but now hes as happy as me about us ttc. Do you smoke? if you dont thats great, if you do then best to stop really an try to eat healthy and exercise, this all helps ttc. Im sure alot of baby dancing will be the exercise you want.

    Good luck hun, keep us informes on how you get on and dont be afraid to ask us anything, even if you think its too embarrassing, its all been said before Im sure x x x x
  • iya gen Joanna: thank you i think im pregnant but not shor as yet i feel bloated n i keep gettin this niggly feeling round my belly button it feels so weird
    i do smoke but i have cut down i only have about 5 a day i used too have about 15 so ive dun well and you will get pegnant soon dont worry it wont realy matter about what you had wen u was 17 abet u got it treated as soon as so it shud be fine ok and yes i feel the same i think baby baby and more baby l.o.l i would love to just have a newborn here with me and ive already picked my baby names for a boy its kayden liam and for a girl its chloe annemarie xxx
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