Still none the wiser!

Well I have 3 hpt's now all with a faint pink line & I still feel confused!

Did another test last night on asda own around 5:30pm and got another faint pink second line.
Did a third test this morning with fmu again on asda own and got the same result, faint pink second line

I was really hoping it would be darker this morning!

Going by fertility friend then I would only be 3 weeks & 6 days pregnant so v v v early, I know a line is a line but I've been worrying myself by stupidly reading about chemical pregnancys & ectopic's!

Should I go and buy some different tests to see what result I get or should I wait until monday & test again?



  • All sounds very promising, like you said it is still very early. I'm sure that line will get darker over the next few days. I think i would be tempted to try a different brand of test. Good luck x x
  • ahh mrs waggy i really wouldnt worry too much...prolly just takes a few more days...good luck chick xx image
  • There was a thread in preg a while ago with pics of peoples HPTs. You should go and have a look at them. All those tests went on to be healthy pregnancies.
    Also your HCG levels only double every 2 days so you might not see a difference till tomorrow.

    I am about 99% sure you are preg hun but do understand how frustrating it is at this stage xxx
  • Still sounds promising though. What's your POAS method? I used Sainsburys's own brand last year and I remember it saying something about being more accurate if you dip into room temp pee (rather than literally POAS which would obviously come out at body temp), so try again tomorrow morning after peeing into a pot and letting it settle to room temp and just dip the stick (if you're not already doing that). It sounds like you're pregnant, but just not getting the BFP line yet.
    Finger crossed xxx
  • I think u r pregnant but maybe wait a few days before doin another test. No point wasting money to get same reult. Do a cbd next week. Xxx
  • Mrs Waggy if you're getting second lines you're pg. Any test you get from a store no matter if it's the same brand or not will come up with different shades of lines. Doing more and more won't tell you anything different as the tests are only qualitative not quantitative another words you get a yes/no for the presence of hcg answer instead of being able to judge an amount of hcg - at 3 wks 6d getting a line is great as you are probably only about 13dpo, maybe not even that - it's very early and no matter what the tests show, or don't show as the case may be, means nothing more than - you are pg! Try to relax hun I know it's scary thinking about all the things that might go wrong - believe me I have had a heck of a year this year and having blood tests for hcg and early scans made not a bit of difference to my outcome. Congrats Hun I hope it's a H&H 9 mnths to come, try to enjoy the moment. Unfortunately like most things it's now pretty much out of our control and a waiting game. I hope my answer doesn't annoy you I just want you to enjoy this moment and feel happy instead of confused. :\)
  • Ah no way your answer is spot on! I don't mean to sound like im stressing as I'm actually quite chilled believe it or not!
    When I was first pg with dd I'd had a mc 6 weeks earlier and when I found out I was pg I was a nervous wreck, having blood tests, emergency scans etc! Everything was fine and we had our precious little bundle 9 months later.
    This time around I made a promise to myself not to get worked up & just enjoy every moment, what will be will be.
    I'm just one of these impatient people with no self control and just want things when I want them!!
    I think yes I probably am pg 3 lines no matter how how faint or dark.
    Like you say I'm about 11ish dpo and af isn't due until Tuesday/wednesday so still too early really!
    I should of waited until Sunday like I originally said but typical me couldn't wait!
    I have 2 cbd now and will see what the morning brings!
    Thank you for all your advice & replies, you all talk a lot of sense!!
  • ohhh congrats again mrs waggy what tests have you used?? i got a sd one today! went on fertility friend and it said im 8 dpo not 9 as i was counting first day of +ov and you start counting from day after!!! the sd say 4 days before af due which will make me be able to test monday!!! i dont know what is wrong with me i keep getting upset thinking we havnt done it!! nervous wreck!! xxxxx
  • Hey ellie's mummy! Just asda own at the moment but we bought 2 cbd today so were going to try one tomorrow eek!

    Ooooo Monday how exciting! I really hope you've done it, would be lovely to have you to chat to.
    I'm trying to be very level headed about it all, it is hard and upsetting I was gutted last month when I got 6 bfn and then my af!
    What will be will be and I'm sure we will both be blessed with another little miracle soon image xxx
  • Hopefully we'll all be in DIA! I test tomorrow but will only be 9dpo, but I got one of my bfp's at 9dpo and the other at 10, so who knows!
    Good Luck EM for tomorrow or Monday whenever do you decide to test. I can't hold out!
  • ok ill keep you all posted xxx
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