im not due on till sat but got a pain in base of my bk so thinkin maybe the witch is gonna rear her ugly head early !!!!



  • do you usually get af pains hun? xx
  • -----------------------stay away ------------------- stay away----------------stay away----------- stay away----------------stay away AF ------------------

    (that's me sending vibes)

  • hehe ty pink.....its gone now!! lol doin my head in now lol x no hun not normally but was on pill b4 x
  • Is this your first month off the pill then?
  • yes hun, so trying not 2 get excited lol
  • Which pill were you on? I was on microgynon 30 and took about 3 months for my periods to get back to normal (pre pill). Although ive heard others who were on the pill were able to get their bfp in the first month so fingers crossed for you xx
  • i was on microgynon aswell hun but i have 2 kids already and fell quite quick with them but diff dad this time and im older lol so who knows....xx
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