CD26 DPO12

Morning girls........

Well as subject says im CD26 and 12DPO has sore (.)(.) yesterday and bloatyness but not much else,,,but tht could also mean AF could be coming lol i was gonna get BOGOF on 1st response tests so ive got them 4 future use y they on offer but just not been out yet plus no money till 2moro, OH is convinced i aint as its only 1st month of ttc after coming of the pill lol he already has a DD who is 17 so been a while 4 me lol tho my 2 keep him on his feet lol

i was explaining 2 him tht we only hve a few days in a month 2 fall he said i was tlking rubbish...MEN AYE!! lol

whos testin 2day???

xx holly xx


  • hey holly,
    fingers crossed for you - when are you testing? i am feeling very ill today and VERY dizzy - nearly fell over getting out of batch last night and had to sit down a minute ago! but that could just be illness!
    I am testing tomorrow, temps went down very slightly this morning, so not getting my hopes up too much. xx
  • haha, also - my hubbie was shocked when i explained how hard it is to get pg each month - he couldnt believe its only a few days and then thats it! men havent got a clue! xx
  • i had the dizzy spells 2 hun, fingers crossed 4 both of us, ill prob test fri/sat as meant 2 be drinkin sat night! xx
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