new here and also a bit worried...

hi everyone, i'm new here but hopefully will be around a while! but I wonder fi you can help e at all..
my fiance and I have been trying for a baby for over a year now, we are in our twenties and healthy, so just been waiting basically. I have 100% regular periods, have done since I started getting them, even when i ahve been under severe stress they are regular 28 day cycle.

This month, the couple weeks leading up to day my period was due, I have had some weird feelings. I have had changes in my toilet habits, I have been so, so tired, I have also been feeling super happy for no reason. My breasts have not got swollen and sore like they normally do when I am due on, but one has gone bigger and the nipples are really sore and huge! I have also had stomach cramps for over a week now, feeling as if i am about to come on my period any moment - I never normally get cramps until I have started. I am also feeling hungry all the time but then when i've made the food i don't want it anymore.

I have done three home tests, one the day I was due, one three days later and one today when i am nearly a week over, all negative. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Are these symptoms of early pregnancy? It's driving me crazy because I just need to know and also I want it to be a baby and not something wrong!



  • Hi hun and welcome

    All your symptoms sound very much like pregnancy hun, try again in a few days what tests are you using??

  • This might be a good sign - I have seen quite a few ladies post on here saying they only got a bfp when they were quite overdue for af. What test have you been using? You might want to try a more sensitive one. I'm sure you can get some good advice on here which ones are most sensitive (I'm only on 2nd month ttc so not too sure which ones are best). Good luck and I hope there's a shy little bean in there for you xx
  • Superdrug are 10miu so really sensitive, First Response Early Result is 25miu so also quite sensitive.

    Clearblue Digitals are 50 miu so best to wait till af few days late before using

  • Wow, arent you all just lovely??
    Well, today Im now 8 days overdue and woke up this morning with really really sore breasts! Started cramps again as well but they feel weird, more like stabbing pains every so often, so Im booking in at doctor... Do I just ask him for a blood test there or does he have to send me to hosp?
    I tried the Superdrug ones about four days ago, and I've used a clearblue one, but Ill save the other having read this!
    Thanks so much to everyone, I love the ideaa of having a 'shy little bean'!! That'd just mean so much!!
    Thanks girls!! xx
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