i think my body is weird lol

ok so last month i started using ovulation tests. two weeks intio myt cycle right on cue i git a positive ovulation but uit was a little faint, had it for two days then a negative. so normal ovulation or so i thought. as this was the first month and as id had classic ovulation signs i tested again 3 weeks into my cycle and had another two days of positives but this time really dark lines. at week 4 i staerted feeling really sick so decided to do a poas and got a postive. however over the three weeks i kept bleeding and when my af was actually due got a really heavy bleed. when i tested again this time i had a negative :cry:
this month again im on week 2 and guess what positive ovulation again but faint again. i just dont know what is going on with my body. has anyone else had two [eriod of highs? or am i just strange lol
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