Feeling lost and PMA is going up in smoke!

Oh no! I feel like complete crap! I'm on cd18, ov'd over the weekend and trying not to test until Monday 5th May (may test on the 4th)
I think I am imagining things but I'm nauseous alot! So much so I have it at lunch time before and after I eat, then when I get home in the evenings right through to bed time. It has been so bad I have nearly vomitted at the end of the sofa LOL-tmi!
...It all started on Saturday when I got this strange sensation like a bursting on my right hand side and I've had waves of strangeness ever since, my DH is convinced my boobs look bigger! I'm really bloated, extra saliva and broken out with lots of spots!!!
Don't know what to think and I think I maybe thinking too much and working myself up!
So sorry for the pathetic post but I really need some advise and encouragement. Thank u.xxx:roll:


  • Hi Star

    I've had the same queasy feelings since Sunday and also have bad skin at the moment. I can't work out if it's a symptom or my mind making me feel that way because I want it to be morning sickness. It is very confusing and hard to take your mind off it. I'm planning to test on Wednesday if af has found me by then.

    I can only say try your best to keep busy and keep your pma up as everyone keeps saying, it's not over til she finds you so these could be good signs but keep in your mind that it could be soemthing else, just in case. If you're anything like me you will have convinced yourself that this is morning sickness and if the evil one does arrive then you will be so disappointed.

    Keep busy and try your best to keep your mind off it and the days will tick by to the 04th/05th.

    lots of babydust and hoping that this is a lucky month for you Star!! xxxx
  • Aw thanks Smiles79, that was really sweet! You have made me feel a bit better already, now that I know someone else is going through the same thing! Cheers hun.x
  • I dont know what to say other than I've my fingers crossed that you get your BFP this month. I dont want to get your hopes up too much but I felt sick & tired from around a week after ov when I fell pg with Zara.

    Just try to keep yourself busy to take your mind off things & with any luck 4th may will come round before you know it.

    Take care

    Hilary x

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  • SB, there is def a bug going round again coz we have all had it from last fri & are only starting to feel better today for the 1st. I hope youre not coming down with it too xx
  • Oh poor you. I know that feeling!!! I cant seem to shake off the tail end of this bug & my energy levels are zilch!!! Which I wouldnt mind but I'm on cd15 & really need to start bding or this month is wasted!!!! My cycles are ususally on the long side atm but this will be the very month I ov early knowing my luck!!!

    Where are you in your cycle??

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  • oooh Star, that all sounds very exciting!
    Try and keep busy doing other stuff. Believe me when I say its hurts when you test way too early and get a BFN - not that I'm saying you will as some early testers have got BFP's... but you know what I mean!
    Keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you!!!

  • Oh Star, don't be so sad. You helped to cheer me up yesterday so I'll do my best to send positive vibes your way. Symptoms could be positive but our bodies can be very cruel to us can't they. Try to stay positive and I'll keep everything crossed for you.
    dg, xx
  • Think we all have the cyber bug!! dun dun dunn...haha
    I have been feeling sick/queazy for a few days now, I think I caught it from BE!! Its the BE BUG
    Does anyone else feel really achy, like all over and getting little twinges in tummy like af is coming? xxx
  • hello! Just read all your kind messages! I'm feeling more positive again just a bit of a wobble this morning. Still feeling quesy & strange but time will tell. Yeah maybe we all have a BE bug! LOL!!! Thank you all so much image
  • Glad you are feeling better... sending you lots of pma!!! xxx
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