BFN, rubbish weekend

I really do feel so silly as I got my hopes up so much. This is only month 1 for us TTC but I really felt like I would get a BFP as I had been feeling so rubbish and now I know why! When I threw up on Friday I was convinced it was morning sickness, how wrong was I. I have had the worst stomach bug this weekend ever and have not been able to go far from the comfort of my own bathroom! To top it off I then got AF on Sunday.

I am not depressed about getting a BFN as it is only month 1 and am at the start of my journey, so onwards to month 2!

Hope we lots more BFP's from this weekens testing



  • oh how crap!! well i am supposed to be testing on the 22nd/23rd, but i cant wait so i gonna try on thurs it will be bfn i just know it, we started off casually ttc in nov, but as the months past i am getting more and more obsessed with getting that bfp!! xxxx
  • Morning 2ZE, was thinking about you yesterday and trying to see if you had posted anything! So sorry AF came and you havent been well image

    Fingers crossed next month will be your month. This is your first AF since the pill isnt it? or am i getting you mixed up with someone else? How long was your cycle? I am now on CD30 image getting impatient lol

    Lots PMA and baby dust your way hun

  • Hi Stephspear, So that means AF did not arrive for you this weekend? How are you feeling? I bet you are knicker watching every hour!

    This is my 2nd proper AF (not counting my withdrawal bleed) since coming off pill. My cycles have been regular from 28-29 days.

    Good luck and keep us posted xx

  • Yep!!! my team is full of smelly boys as well, so they must think im a right wierdo running to and fro from the loo lol!!

    I have ordered some cheap PG tests from ebay so when they arrive i might do one.

    I have tummy cramps like im going to come on, and yesterday had shooting pains in my right boob... think i am jsut sympton spotting lol....

    But the sun is shining (for a change) so going to keep the PMA alive

  • Aw hunni that is pants! Well u read my post about bfn and still no af? Im well confused! Hopeing it will sort its self out one way or another! Hope ur feeling better! image xxx
  • Thanks Clarkie, I am much better today, lost 4lbs over the weekend so at least something positive came out of it all!!You are in the same boat as Stephspear at the moment then. Fingers crossed AF stays away. Limbo land sucks I know, hope you get good news soon. Thinking of you guys xx
  • clarkie and Stephspear - I am in limbo land with you - if only it was as fun as disney land!

    2ZE - hope you're feeling better - and can you pass me that tummy bug so I can also lose 4lbs :lol:

  • HAHAHA if only ay!!! although the emotions are up and down like a rollercoster!!

    Im going to leave it as long as poss before i test again.. xx
  • Ha ha Weegie, see what I can do!
  • Weegie - when were u due? Did u test yet? Do u have any pg feelings? Me and stephspear are gonna try to hold on till sunday to test u can join us if u like?
    2ZE- I wanna loose 4lbs give me your germs! xx
  • I am sorry you got a BFP but it will happen honey. I am just going into month three of ttc and at first you get carried away with it but sadly these things can take time.

    Sorry about your belly bug as well I had Gastric Flu two weeks ago and thought I was dying so I know just how you feel. I hope you get better soon

    K xx

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