hi ladies,

Feeling really down today. on cd 13 and still no smiley face, i'm so impatient i know but i guess i just hoped it would defo be today.

ah well, how ye guys keeping? it is lashing rain here and so dull (which is not doing anything for my mood)



  • Hi missy moo, don't feel down...i got my smiley on CD15 so you may get it in a few days! I have 28-30day cycles. also raining here, stay positive image
  • thanks for the reply........ u got a smiley on cd15 has so giving me hope guess i just wanted it sooo badly (bold me).
    hope u don't mind me asking but what cd are u on now? is this ur first baby?

  • Don't give up just yet, it will more than likely happen in the next few days! I ovulate anywhere between cd13 and 18! On cd12 today so I'm quite close to you x
  • hi keep your ema up theres still time just try to bd every other day and then you wont miss it. it wont be long, babydust xxx
  • I'm on cd14 and can't stand waiting for ov. I usually don't ov til around cd20 so it's driving me insane!!
    Hopefully you'll get your smiley soon image
  • goonie and mn88 maybe we could be cycle buddies?

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