Get to know you....

As there's been so many newbies recently thought it would be nice for every1 to get to know each other and where we all are on our ttc jouney.....

Name: Jenna
Age: 22 (23 on tuesday)
Relationship: married 2yrs (been together 5.5yrs)
Job: Sale & Marketing
ttc #: 2
ttc for: 7 months (mc in dec after a car accident)
action plan: agnus castus, cervix position, bd every other day
CD: 17
OV: think i am at the mo...
EDD af: ?

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  • name - Diane
    age - 24
    Relationship - married 8 months
    Job - nurse
    ttc - no 2
    ttc - on and off but havnt been activly "trying" for a while
    action plan - lots of bd and rest
  • Hi Jenna,
    Not sure on some abbreviations but will give it a go!
    Name: Rachel
    Age: 32
    Relationship: with DP for 3 and a half years!!
    Job: Primary school teacher
    ttc#: 1
    ttc for: 8 months - miscarriage in Feb : (
    action plan: not sure apart from keep trying but any advice welcome.
  • thats great hun i'll find some abbreviations for u and bump up...but for now:

    Af: aunt flow/period
    cd:cycle day
    OV: ovulation
  • Name: Vicki
    Age: 25 (26 in May)
    Relationship: married 18 mnths
    Job: Investment banker
    ttc #: 1
    ttc for: 3 months
    action plan: Clearblue fertility monitor
    CD: 26 of a 27 day cycle
    OV: 11 DPO
    EDD af: 19th April
  • Name: Julie
    Age: 28
    Relationship: Married for 6 months!
    Job: PA
    ttc #: First baby!
    ttc for: 1.5 months - our first month does count as we were too late in my cycle!
    action plan: just see how it goes to begin with...
    CD: 23
    OV: day 14
    EDD af: 22 April based on 28-day cycle as I was last month...

  • hi jenna
    name: amie
    age: 22
    relationship: married for 3 years
    ttc: 2
    ttc for: this is the 1st month
    action plan: not sure just BD as much as poss
    ov: dont have a clue!!!
    CD: 17
    ED af: not sure on this one either very up and down could be may 6th or before or after
  • I feel old, reading all your profiles, is there an O.A.P. section on the chatroom!?!

    CD: 13
    EDD AF?: around 2nd May ??
  • Hi there,
    Name: Sara
    Age 25 (26 in Nov)
    Relationship: Married for 10 months
    ttc: No.1
    Action Plan: to get a BFP. on 2ww
    ttc for: 8 months
    ov: been and gone, about a week ago i think.
    CD: 18
    ED af: Next Fri i think.
    Occupation: Farmer.

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  • Name: Zoe
    Age: 26
    Relationship: Married 18 months
    ttcimage 1
    ttc for: Now into 10 months
    Action plan: Off to docs in 2 weeks, going to batter him round the head till they do some tests. Oh and going to bd everyother day in the mean time.
    CD: 1
    Job: Accountant

  • hello

    name: sarah
    age: 33
    Relationship: been with oh for 5 years
    job:was sales supervisor but they have put me in the shop image first day back tom' after a year off boooooooo
    ttc #2
    this is our first month of trying
    action plan: well not much of one at the moment as my oh is working away mon-fri but as soon as he comes home,at it like rabbits :lol: also doing ov' sticks

    not sure when af is due as only took part of my packet off pills

  • Hi all, Great idea Jenna.
    Name: Leigh
    Age: 32
    Relationship: Living together, 16 years together!
    Job: Nurse
    TTC: # 1
    TTC for: 1 month
    Action plan: Try to work out ov and bd appropriately!
    OV: Just come off pill, a bit confused still.
    CD: Around 26 days, of presumably 28.
    ED AF: Next week some time?

    Sorry for the long-windedness...but nothing is clear yet! xx
  • Name: Ann-Margaret
    Age: 28
    Relationship: Married for 7 months!
    Job: Administrator
    ttc #: First baby!
    ttc for: 1 months - but I have been on here since Jan to prepare myself! LOL
    action plan: TO GO FOR IT! Been at it non stop - TMI, on pregnacare, trying to be healthy - swiming twice a week, not getting stressed with life! and pure PMA!!!
    CD: 11
    OV: 14/15
    EDD af: Monday 5th May

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  • Name: Christy
    Age: 32
    Relationship: married 2 1/2 years
    Job: Primary School supply teacher
    ttc #: 1
    ttc for 2 months
    action plan: using ov sticks this month, pro-natal, eating lots of fruit (and choc - good for PMA) occasional bouts of exercise
    CD: 7
    OV: ????
    EDD of AF: ??? cycles have been 28, 24 and 30
    Hope that's all correct!!
  • Name: Victoria
    Age: 30 (31 in July)
    Relationship: Married (2 yrs in Aug)
    Job: Secretary
    TTC: #1
    Action Plan: OV dates and BD to start with
    CD: 14
  • Name: Sarah
    Age: 31
    Relationship: married 1 1/2 years but been together for 10 years
    Job: Office Manager
    ttc #: 1
    ttc for years
    action plan: using ov sticks, trying to lose 2 stone in weight as advised by the doc. Hosp appt 30th May with consultant
    CD: 4
    OV: ?
    EDD of AF: Probably 11th May when on hols in Gran Canaria.
  • Excellent idea:
    Action plan:diy artificial insemination via donor, so hoping ov when he's available,taking epo for cm and have bought some preseed to use next time.
    CD:19(but didn't do it this month!!)
    Job:nurse(part time)
    Tcc for:had 2 attempts so far.

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  • name: Dani
    Age: 27 (28 in Aug)
    Relationship: living with oh for 3 years!!
    TTC: 1st lo!!
    Action Plan: opk, cycle tracking, AC,EPO, bd every 2 days
    Cd: 18
    job: Admin Assistant to House Developer
    TTC for: this is mth 3!!
    EDD af: who knows 31-39 day cycles so far!!
  • name: Susan
    Age: 36
    Relationship: married for 1 1/2 yrs
    TTC: 1st
    Action Plan: opk testing, cm monitoring, bd every other night til ov, then every night around ov.
    Cd: 19
    OV: 18
    job: QA instructor
    TTC for: this is mth 10 (mc feb)
    EDD af: due 26th April
  • Name: Frankie
    Age: 28
    Relationship: Married 2yrs
    Job: Project Manager
    ttc #: 1
    ttc for: 2 months
    action plan: ovulation test, cervix position, bd lots
    CD: Yesterday was day 28 (normal length of my cycle)
    OV: On around 31st March
    EDD af: Yesterday! Testing tonight!

  • Let us know the outcome Frankie, hope you get your bfp! xx
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