AF Early??

Hey all.
I have only just started paying such attention to my cycle but I have always been pretty regular. This month af was about a week early.
It seems a lot? Ihave had late af's but never early? Would there be any reason or is it normal for the occasional cycle to be so much shorter?


  • Hey there,

    I wouldn't worry too much. I'd never really paid attn either till i was ttc. My cycles sometimes are 31 days but have been anything from 23 days. In fact the month I got pg was my shortest - I'd OV'd on CD9 (had only just finished af!!). Unfortunately I had a mc but that wasn't down to early OV. I think when you're ttc you notice it more but also the stress of it all can make funny things happen to your body!

    Just relax and maybe test for OV next month so you don't miss your chances.

    Good luck xx
  • Cheers hun, I was just a bit confused didn't think it was normal but maybe so!
  • Hi,

    I wouldn't worry about it either. I'm usually about 29 days, but over the past year have gone from as little as a 25 day cycle to a 34 day cycle. I think as long as for the majority of the time you're regular you should be fine.
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