Hello, I've been a lurker!

Hello everyone, I have been a lurker on here for over a year now and finally plucked up the courage to post!!!!
I am 35 and have been married for just over a year and have been trying properly since November time. I have been poas since end of January 2010 and doing BBT since April 2010! Keep wondering if it will EVER be my turn! On cd 8 and have ov cd 13, 12 & 14 last 3 months (according to Fertility Friend).
Sorry for the life history, just wanted to say hi to all you nice ladies and wish everyone lots of baby dust.:\)



  • Hi janiejane!
    Nice to meet you! You should come and join our 6+month ttc thread as there are lots of us on there in the sAme boat! When will it be our turn?!!!
    Mrs cake xx
  • Aww thanks for the reply Mrs Cake. Might well come and have a look. As I said, I've been lurking for an awfully long time in TTC!! Sometimes I get really frustrated and other times I think that it will just happen when it happens! Hubby is fab though and he wants it just as much as me. Fingers crossed for this month!
  • I am the same! Sometimes I am fine with it all and other times it drives me mad! We have all been discussing how frustrating it is when others around you seem to fall pg no problem!! Not sure why I have bothered with contraception for so long image x
  • Wishing I hadn't left it for so long! But then, on the other hand, the time wasn't really right before. aarrrggghh! Just want a baby!
  • Hello janiejane, im a newbie on this forum too although TTC no 2. I look forward to chatting and hopefully getting our BFP's together soon Xx
  • Me too! Just want one now please! X
  • Here's wishing everyone their BFPs!
  • hiya, nice to see u have ur rude veg ready lol. good luck and welcome xxxxx
  • Hi fellow rude veg lady!image

    Nice to meet you. I'm 29 and have been TTC 5 months, probably going onto month 6 next week judging by symptoms... it can be so frustrating can't it! Especially when you are using OPKs etc. so *know* you have BD-d at the right time and it just hasn't worked. This site is great for getting feelings out into the open and getting lots of support from all the lovely ladies on here though -I'm sure if I didn't post here I'd be driving my hubby crazy by now!

    Let's hope joining the site (and your rude veg of course!) brings you some luck. Lots of babydust! xxx
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