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the 2WW

Who's still left on the 2 week wait? Know an unfortunate few have come early this month, but that also means are ahead for next month. How are we all feeling and has anybody tested early?
Any symptoms? Please help me i'm getting v. impatient now and want to scream Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love and baby dust to all. Filo x :lol:


  • I guess I am on a 2 week wait now. Fertile possibly on 26th ish, but having only been off the pill 2 weeks I am not hoping too much.
  • I'm just about to start the dreaded 2 week wait. I think I'm ovulating today as I have some strange pains in my tummy! Me and hubby have been doing lots and lots of baby dancing since the weekend so fingers crossed!! AF is due on the 15th November!! Hope she decides to have a break for 9 months!!! xxxx
  • What day are you on Filobabe? I'm testing on day 28 (day 24 today) cant wait!!!! amy x
  • I am in the 2WW - day 21 today - never test til day 40 though cos my cycle can be all over the place - it was 28 last month, but who knows....... Put a lot of effort in with hubby this week though - he thinks is Xmas already!!!
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