okay girlies need your help :D

okay, not been on for ages! lol,

long story short.. been TTC 2 years - appointment on monday 15th feb (4 days away!!) to be referred for fertility treatment image

lost 3 and a half stone for this appointment and i need 2lbs off in the next 4 days! i'm over due AF (defo not preg)
and REALLY need her to arrive ASAP lol, it'll get the extra 2lbs off... so i need ANY suggestions for bringing her on early or how to lose 2lbs lol,

thanks xxxxxx


  • Not sure you can bring AF on early... How are you so certain you're not preg? Is AF not that regular? Why do you need to lose 2lbs? I'm just thinking oMG you've lost so much surely they'r enot going to quibble about 2 ilbs!!
  • hey hun, thanks for the reply,

    I never ovulate, and AF extremely erratic lol.

    Need to have a BMI of 30 or less... and at min it's 30.4 and it needs to be exactly 30. so they are very funny about 2lbs image

    xx x x
  • Issy.... In the past I have been convinced that BDing brings on af when it's been overdue!!! Can you grab OH and have a marathon.... that should shed a couple of pounds too?!?!?!image Good luck with the appointment xx
  • Hi there,

    Congratulations for your fab weight loss. The only thing I can think of is Lipotrim. It's from a pharmacist and I wouldn't advise it generally, but I had a breast reduction 2 years ago and I was in the same position so did this and lost about 5 lbs over 3 days. (It's about ??30) though.

    Hope this helps

    V xxx
  • I took something once but can't remember the name hahaha how helpful of me! They were some form of diuretic tho so I lost the excess water... You've done amazingly tho so if you don't I hope they cut you some slack, wear heels so your height will alter the BMI pml (that was a joke by the way!)
    Funny you saying about BD I nearly said before that as a teen I used to [email protected] to bring mine on - don't know if it worked buut it kind of relieved that full feeling!
  • Try a soup and juice diet for 3 days, I did this once and lost 3lbs, you might put it back on again after the 3 days but will get your weight down for your appt.

    Good luck!! xxx
  • wonderful suggestions girls! thanks so much! image

    defo going to try the soup diet! always works a treat hehe...

    must admit it would help if i was taller! lol, xx
  • Issy - hope the appointment goes well! As for getting your period to start - I deffo concur that some 'personal time' with your partner can help. I find some vigorous exercise - such as a good run - can get things moving. Or relaxation - a hot bath and glass of red vino. But the vino won't help shift those 2lbs.
    Well done on your amazing weightloss - good for you!!! As for shifting those last 2lbs, the soup diet is deffo the way to go - when I want to shift the lbs I go on a liquid diet for a week. ONLY a week though, I would lose my mind any longer, soup, smoothies and healthy juice. Be careful with the juice though as this can have loads of sugar. Also if you have water rentention keeping the fluids up with hopefully shift it.
    Good luck - let us know how it goes.
  • No bread hun , that always works for me xxx
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