could this be my month??

hey girls!..... ok so i may be being absolubtly ridiculas but hey ho, i am 7/8 DPO and for the last couple of days i have been sooooo tierd, i havnt done anymore than normal and havnt slept any less but had some proper wierd dreams the last couple of nights, had no real pains that could be implantation or anything tho only a slight a brief pain on left side a couple of days ago that was kind of near my hip so i doubt tha was anthing!!
what do you all think am i being stupid or are these signs that somethings may be happening!!????

***Babydust to All***

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  • ...possibly but I'd say it's prob. a bit early to tell... hopefully by the weekend you'll have a few more symptoms :\)
  • maybe...? u never know! fingers crossed for you! xxxx when are you testing? keep us posted xxxx
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