zero symptoms of OV

Hi Ladies, need some advice from you guys if you don't mind,

Using fertility friends I was expecting to OV today. Would it be possible that I could ov and not have any symptoms of it at all?? :roll: I'm confused as I was expecting the ewcm and crampy pains but have not felt anything. I'm so clueless about what to expect. We have been bd'ing frequently over the last few days but now I'm worried that I have got the wrong time all together.

Sorry if i sound like an idiot, you guys all seem to know exactly what you are doing

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  • Hey Sun shine
    You don't sound like an idiot at all, you learn very fast about these things!
    Well I have a really regular cycle and thought that I would ovulate about day 14 using a chart like fertility friend. BUT... I had not symptoms either and realised that I ovulate later, about day 17!! (I started to get EWCM about day 15)
    I am going to use the clear blue ovulation kit this month just to make sure and then I will know!

    Hope that helps xx

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  • it does, thanks - gives me hope that I've not missed my chance this month. I'll keep bd'ing and hope for the best!!

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