I need some advice

Hi girls yesterday all day mostly my cervix was high and I could hardly reach it when I got home I checked again and it was low? two hours later just before we bd'd I checked and it was hgh again I could not reach it this morning it's low again??

This can be poss right I thought all throughout OV it would stay high. It's driving me mad as I just want to know when I am on my 2ww and I have no idea if I am even OV. I have had OV pains for the last three days and yesterday was my cd14 so I should be around this time??

I have no EXCM thought as this is waaaay to much information but once I made myself cum before we had sex it was very stringy much more than it has been though this morning it is just back to being wet but still a bit white and not stringy at all.

Sorry for my moan.

K xxxx


  • arggggg it's high again now!!! Man I need to stop checking LOL

  • k-lou, maybe just check once at the same time each day??

    I had ov pains for days before I ov'd. It could still be coming for you. xx


  • Thanks hun I am going to stop checking it's still high though so who knows? I just wish I knew if I was on my two weeks wait. My nipples are realy sore this morning image

    How are you anyway how is your sharp pain do you still have it.

    K xxx
  • It has gone from continuous to intermittent. Have definitely pulled a muscle in that area, so pains were mingling, which wasn't good!

    What CD are you now? xx


  • That must be horrid I realy hope it goes for you.

    I am CD 16 the thing is I had the three days of OV pain and then nothing since???? I bd'd monday tuesday thursday friday and saturday and so I am hoping I OV some time last week maybe early?? I don;t know I just wanted to be on my two week wait. Now I have woken up this morning and my nipples are very sore image

    K xxx
  • If you are working to a 28 day cycle, despite not knowing when you will get af, then you have done what you could!

    Ignore that fact you have had no ewcm, and you are on your 2ww! Somewhere around 4dpo? xx


  • so you think i should treat this as my two ww and that i ov like thursday?

  • I might have got a bit mixed up there? I say if you had what must have been ov pain go from the last day of that? Go for a 28 day cycle, as that's average. But as just off the pill, don't get disheartened if test at CD 28 and no BFP.

    It's the luteal phase, post ov, that doesn't change in length. If you had that to compare to previous cycle that would have helped. xx


  • Thats what I was thinking if I had another cyc I would kinda know where I stood?? Hey ho I guess I need to just chill again and take each day as it comes.

    Thanks babe

  • Test on CD 28, and BD as and when, but it should be less pressure because you think you have already ov'd!

    You're welcome, as always. image


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