Pregnany signs or thinking too much..?!


i wondered if anyone can tell me if they have had these symptoms and turned out to be pregnant? I'm probably just looking too much into it though.

I usually only get period pain a week before af is due but this month i've had it since a week last sunday, i'm not due on until at the earliest this coming sunday, which would be 2 weeks with this very light period pain.
I never get sore boobs and since the same sunday as the period pain i've had sore boobs on and off.
Also i've had a lot of cm, which seems to have gone the last couple of days.
I keep going light headed when i stand up and sometimes randomly feel dizzy.
I've been starving the last 2 days no matter what i eat!
The last couple of days i can taste blood as if i've had a little nose bleed, but i haven't.
I've had a little bit of heartburn and slight headaches, really vivid dreams usually about being pregnant and today i seem to of been able to smell everything for miles around!
Today i think i may have been spotting, i've had a pinky discharge when i wiped.. could this be spotting?
I just don't 'feel' pregnant, although i hope i am!

Thanks for any help image


  • Sounds quite positive to me. You're experiencing a lot of symptoms there that other ladies have before their bfp. Some ladies have experienced similar and af arrived though. Keeping everything crossed for you x
  • ooh great thanks image

    This morning i've had brown spotting, if that's what it is, never had that before.

    I've got my fingers crossed for everyone this month, there's such a big baby boom at the moment and i want to join in!
  • keep my fingers crossed for u x
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