Imagining things?

So generally in the run up to my period I don't feel anything in terms of hormones, no pains, anything. I've always been extremely fortunate (my poor sisters suffer terribly). So this last week (due at the weekend), I have had terrible headaches and weird kind of muscle pains. But I'm scared to let myself think oh wow, has something happened as obviously I know our brains are very good at tricking us when we want something ... so what to do? I haven't had any kind of implantation bleeding or anything like that, just strange tummy aches and headaches. We have only really been TTC the last 3 weeks or so so I almost feel silly asking. :\?


  • Our brains are crazy for the symptom spotting here at BE! Welcome to the insane world of ttc....

    If you can hang on until AF is due then test, it might be your best bet. Good luck!
  • In my first 2 months of ttc I had no end of nasty symptoms in the 2 weeks before af. I'd never had so much as a twinge before ttc (just slight dull ache on day af arrived and often a bit more tired) Now on month 6 i get various new symptoms each time but never as severe as 1st 2 months!!! My head is well and truly mean and cruel and i have learnt not to believe any of it (mostly anyhow but you can't help but wonder)

    Saying that ... you never know ...

  • hiya, sometimes i think we are all in the same boat on this one!! almost trying to invent a symptom that will definetly mean we are pg!!! i get a knew one every day i think ! whereas normally you wouldnt think twice about cramping whilst ttc its gotta mean your pg do you know what i mean? x
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