OV pain or trapped wind?! (TMI sorry)

Hey girls,

Really sorry - I seem to be asking so many questions on here atm!

I've never really noticed OV pains and didn't think about it till I started ttc. I got my first peak this morning on the CBFM so know I will OV very soon.

Since lunch I've had what I can only describe as trapped wind all over my loved abdomen, although more to the left at times. I do feel that if I went to the toilet or broke wind that it would be eased but haven't been able to do either yet.

Just wondered if this sounds like OV pains for those who get it or is it completely different? I feel pretty bloated too. Have been trying to eat lots more fruit and veg the last couple of days so could be to do with that but it just came on at lunchtime.

Anyway, I'm only asking as it coincides with OV and I always put it down to trapped wind when I usually get it at other times!

Thanks xx


  • Thats excactly what I get at OV - it's quite painful!

    Get BDing!

  • Haha!! Do you live in my tummy? You're describing the funny pains I have had on and off today and yesterday and I'm pretty sure mine is trapped wind. Only on CD9 and still low on CBFM. Got to be honest and yesterday when I had it I was wondering if I was going to get a high on my CBFM this morning as it is feeling a lot like my ov pains..

    My advice would be, try to get rid of any wind if there is any then as you have had your peak anyway get BD'ing... If its not wind then it must be ov image x
  • Yay that's exciting! I was really expecting people to come back at me saying don't be ridiculous - I thought OV pains would be more like a stabbing pain type thing. Maybe I have both - that could be the conclusion!

    Fully planning to BD anyway due to peaks but was just interested as it may help in future if I know what OV pains feel like!

    Thanks everyone xx
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