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Hi hun, hows you?

Sorry didnt mean to make people jealous we are not normally like that but it was booked back in Oct for my 30th bday, we only got married last May and wanted to get xmas out of the way first so we would be able to enjoy it.

In a way I am glad that we have things to look forward to even though sometimes i think we cant afford it and should be paying things off or saving.

Next is our holiday going for a quick week end of May for our 1st wedding anniversary its been a bit of a crap year really with hubby being in and out of work, me being under threat of redundancy all the time and so we just thought sod it book it and now its paid and we got euros so thats that sorted.

I really dont know what I am going to do when I am preg as am not a person who can just sit and chill I like to be kept busy.

Where are you in your cycle am CD14 and have a 35-40 cycle so still feels like forever to wait.

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  • sorry to g/c but you don't have to apologise for your fab weekend in london!!!
    As all girls on here its prob something most of us would love to do!! i bet it was fab!

    i got married in may last year too!! yaay for the may brides! cant believe how quick the 1st anniversary is coming around!!!

  • Did I used to talk to you on yayw what was your name on there I was Mrsbrown2be - 30th May 09 bride I have just ordered some more wedding photos to dot about the house but I have to scan them in my comp put them on a usb and get copies of them for my family too. x
  • Haha, don't be daft; we were jealous in a good way! I'm just really glad you had a good time - you deserve it after the stress your body has put you through.

    As to the money side of things, I know what you mean - we went on a road trip for our first wedding anniversary to a safari zoo called Long Leats (spelling?!) even though we couldn't afford it, but we figured as soon as kids came along things like that would be few and far between so we should just treat ourselves now! I know what you mean about having things to look forward to though and wish I had something to aim towards!

    Where are you going in May? Will be lovely to get away again! We're lucky in that my dh is in a very sturdy job (teacher). He's going abroad on a school trip in March for a week and a half so am dreading that :cry:

    I didn't stop when I was pregnant! Worked in a summer school and instead of there being 3 of us there was only me so it was none-stop. Was so tired all the time, but it kept me going through the aches & pains. It was when I went onto maternity leave that it was bad - my hips gave out a few days after stopping work so I could barely walk, so didn't have much choice not to do anything!

    I'n on CD16 (normally 25 day cycle) but I've been so ill this month we have barely BD'd at all (poor hubby!) Had major cramps after af and then had a horrendous cold with inflamed sinuses so haven't been in baby making mode! So we know this month is a definate BFN. We're not technically TTC anyway, just not being careful. Was trying to track my BBT but its been massively up and down all month so have given up til I'm better - will try again next month!

    Blimey this has turned into quite a ramble! Sorry!
    G24 xxx
  • Hi hun, yes I have heard of Longleats Safari Park it is about 11 hours away from where I live but my boss went with her grandkids. Is that the one where you cant drive through because your car could get damaged by the monkeys etc.

    We are going to San Antonio Bay Hotel Bergantin all inclusive for a week will be nice to chill as London was non stop madness. Went on the eye and got fast tracked for tickets because am not joking couldnt have queued it was freezing, anyway the eye made me feel so queasy I didnt enjoy it and felt sick for an hour after we came off it! Thats the only attraction we done, walked to Buckingham Palace and went to Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Picadilly Circus and a wander round Harrods!! My god I was frightened to touch anything in there but it was an experience!!

  • I was mrs jc2be and then now mrs jc! Original! Lol
    i got married on 29th when was yours!
    Your holiday sounds lovely! I haven't been abroad since may04 the day before we flew to Ibiza I found out I was pg! Not the best timing! Lol
    I really need to sort an album out! My friend who did our pics put them allon a stick so I have them on computer! Have a couple out on display at home though!

    Your mat leave doesn't sound fun Garfield! Worth it in the end though!


  • 30th May hun FA Cup Final Day now am wondering if I have seen your pics then. I was an avid YAYW user at the time!

  • Oh yes I remember you saying about the holiday now. Sounds lovely and hopefully very relaxing as well! Our last holiday abroad was in 06 as our honeymoon.

    Shame the eye made you feel so bad; was it the motion or the height? I'm not good with heights but hubby always forces me to go up tall buildings/cliffs to try and get me used to them. Either that or he's planning on pushing me off... :lol:

    Mrs JC we're the same - tons of pics on the computer and very rarely print any out! The down side to digital cameras!
    And yes, mat leave was very worth it! :\)
  • Both hun motion and am terrified of heights always have been so found it very scary and sat down all the time he he!

  • I did have a link on there! Will have to go and have a look!

    I love looking at wedding pics!
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