Anyone just starting 2ww?

I'm on cd15 and af is due around the 27th - is anyone else just starting the 2 week wait?

Would be nice to have someone to share it with, I just hope it goes quickly! x


  • Just about to. AF due 29th. I also hope it goes quickly. I hate the last two weeks we are only on month 2 ttc and I am already frustrated. I feel so guilty when I see how long some of the others have been on here for. x
  • Hey guys just want to wish you luck, no my 2ww should finish tomorrow (thats when af is due). I hope it flys in for you.

    jen xx
  • Hi

    I have a post like this myself! On day CD19 of 30. So af due 25th...hope she gets lost and can't find me!!

    Sending baby dust for all of us. Have some pretty funny pains, so fingers crossed! xx

  • Mithical I will look for your thread, is there a few of us testing around the same time?

    Good luck for today Jen, I hope you get your BFP Xx
  • Thanks daydreamer but not holding out much hope. Goodluck to you too. xx
  • Good luck everyone!
  • day dreamer, it's called 2ww, who's with me?

    I'll bump it up to the top again. xx
  • I think so.....on CD14, haven't been ov testing, but I think I have ov going by my pains and EWCM, so we'll see. Good luck ladies!
  • I think Im also about to start 2ww as I may be ov today going by ewcm and twinges. What fun, good luck girls! x
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