Anti-histamines and TTC?

Hi ladies, just after a quick bit of advice.

We're on month 2 of TTC number 2 (DD was born in Dec 08) and the last few days my hayfever has really kicked in. Normally, I take an anti-histamine every day and I'm fine, but I've read that they can dry up CM and make it harder for the sperm to survive - does anyone know if that's true?

i'm a bit wary of them anyway as I had a MC before when I had an anaphylactic shock at 4 weeks pregnant and had to receive a high dose, then MC'd 3 days later - the doctor said it could have been a contributing factor.

Also, does anyone know if there are any good natural alternatives that are safe to use while TTC and (hopefully!) pregnant?

Hannah xx


  • Hiya

    I'm having the same thoughts - I normally take fexofenadine on a daily basis but read that it *might* not be a good idea to take whilst pg...I'm not yet but as I haven't got a BFP yet I thought I'd stop taking them to see if that would make a difference. However...I am suffering BAD!! I'm allergic to almost everything and keep waking myself up with the driest mouth and I sneeze non-stop!! There should be other meds available tho - if I get BFP next week then I'll be asking for some other meds to take or I'll prob end up doing that anyway if BFN image

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi, whilst pregnant 18 months ago, I took 'New Era' Combination H Tissue Salts. The label says they are a 'Homoeopathically Preparded Biochemic Remedy for Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis'. They really worked for me and baby was fine. But PLEASE check with your doctor of pharmacist yourself X
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