EPU appt...

Hey girls, well went to EPU this morning and they saw a little jelly bean with a yolk sac all in the rite place!! Woohoo!! Got 2 go back in 2 weeks and hopefully they will see a heartbeat!! xx


  • Thats fantastic news - I bet you are relieved! How far along are you - Ive got my appointment on 16th Dec when I will 7+4 but already petrified they wont be able to see anything! XXXX 4 weeks seems a long time away .....
  • Thats brilliant news! Congratulations!
    Everything crossed for that heartbeat.
  • Aww,thanks girls!! I cant stop staring at the little pic Ive got!!

    jls-Im 5+5 and didnt expect to see much but it was amazing!! They had 2 do an internal scan as well as the normal one but everything was fine. Congrats on ur BFP hun, sending u lots of super sticky babydust!!

    hjanea-thanks hun, hows things with u? xx
  • hiya wigzy -
    congrats on the pregnancy and glad all is okay!
    Just wondered why you had an EPU appt? Sorry to be nosey just wondering as I would like one (if and when I get BFP!) but wondered if you had to nag ur GP a lot or was it just offered due to circumstances?
    H x


  • Hey Mrsallen, thankx!! Ur not being nosey!! I was seen at the EPU as I have had a previous ectopic so they scan u 2 make sure that everything is snuggling into the rite place.

    Everything croosed u get that BFP soon hun xx
  • Thats great news Wigzy, I'm sure your bean is getting all comfy and snug in just the right place, ready to stay for the next 9months x
  • Glad bean is in the right place
    enjoy the other 8 months image
    Gems xxxx
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