First AF since coming off the pill

Hi girls,

Had my first AF exactly one month after coming off the pill that I have been on for nearly 8 happy, my hubby doesn't understand why bless him, he thought I'd be upset that she turned up but so glad my body is getting back to normal and we can really start trying!

Really hope it happens this month, should be ovulating next weekend, will be the bext chrimbo present EVER!

Will see if AF rears her ugly head in Jan!

Good luck girls xxx


  • Good luck babyhughes! I was super when I had my AF after coming off the pill too! Sending you lots of babydust, have fun! xxx
  • I was also sooooo excited and happy to have first real af! Don't think I have ever been so excited, don't want to see her on Monday though!!!! lol

    Good luck to you image xXx
  • Yay for your AF babyhughes!! :lol:

    My first AF came 8 weeks after I came off the pill, I was soooo happy all day! (Well, until I got period pains!)

    Wasn't sure how this cycle would go, today is CD12 and I just got some EWCM, so am excited again, it is really sad how exicited us ttc ladies get at our various bodily secretions (or lack of them in some cases)!! :lol:
  • It is all pretty bizarre! I am turning into a total meany...just screamed at my hubby on the phone to hurry home so we can BD before I go and meet my friend for lunch...bless him, he was like 'I'm on my way, don't panic'!! Lol!
  • I am hoping I can be excited too - I came of the pill in sept and STILL no AF - Getting really fed up of waiting now so been reffered to the hospital to have some tests just to make sure everything is ok.
  • Hope everything is ok catherine, I'm sure it will be!

    good luck ttc huni xx
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