BFN :(

Well ladies i gave in and tested (stupid of me) BFN. So Now i just have to wait on the witch turning up.

jen xx


  • Oh hunny, im sorry to hear that, what test did you use? The first response 6day early has been the best one for me, dont give up yet, shes always right on time normally. Keep ur pma hunny its not over til the witch arrives xxxx
  • No i used a tesco one but it came up really quick and dark. I nearly didnt do the test i had a dream last night that i tested and it was bfn (a nightmare really lol). Oh im sure she will appear at some point just being cruel then its on to month 15 and the hospital.

    Thanks honey, dont want to go to work now just wana crawl back under my duvet.

    jen xx
  • Have u taken it apart so u can see the strip, thats what i did and there was the faintest of line there hun..give it a go u never know....i couldnt see it just by looking at the test as u normally would! I really hope she doesnt come, truely i do, ive still got everything crossed for you hunny xxxxxx
  • Ha ha ive got this image of a mad woman tearing apart pg test lol. xx
  • Do it!!!! And if all else fails ive cheered u up anyways!!! xxxxx
  • Oh yes you sure did. But i did it and there is definatley no line so come on witch some and get me so i can get started all over again.

    There is now officially two mad women on BE. lol!

    jen xx
  • woohoo, at least were in good company eh!!! Im still rooting for you and hoping u wake up 2moz without the nasty witch!!!!

  • lol at tearing test apart. Have to admit i did this every time i got a bfn just to make sure. Well you never know do you? Good luck jen24 and maybe its a bfp a little late?
    Filo x
  • Awww Jen, that's a bummer. Hope she stays away for you and you just havent got enough whatever it is to show up on a test yet. Try and have a reasonable day. lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • I did the ripping the tests apart too! Had to tell hubby I'd chucked it when he asked to see it again... he'd have laughed his head off!

    Sorry about your BFN Jen... thinking of you and sending PMA and baby sprinkles

  • Ok good so there are a few more mad women on this site than we first thought ha!

    Jen xx
  • image Sorry to hear that Jen.
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